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Weight loss post-pregnancy can be difficult

By Dr. Stacy Shropshire

Are you looking out for some really effective weight loss tips for post pregnancy? Have you recently given birth and are having trouble losing your pregnancy weight? In order to shed pounds after pregnancy, you must adopt a regimen that includes healthy eating habits and routine exercise to return your body to pre-pregnancy shape. Using these useful tips to supplement a healthy regimen of diet and exercise will dramatically improve the results. These tips are as follows:

  1. Exercising too soon after giving birth can affect your body. Make sure you give your body some time to recover from the effects of the delivery or C-section. Women who have a C-section may need additional recovery time before the can begin to exercise regularly. Remember to be patient because losing weight takes time.
  2. Talk to your family about your weight loss diet. In order to provide support, your spouse or partner can adopt the same diet, making it easier for you to stick to the diet long-term. This way you will be more focused on your goal since your family is supporting you through your weight loss efforts. In order to lose weight quickly and safely, adapt a diet that is nutritious and easy to follow. Make small adjustments. For example, if you eat red meat 5 times a week, simply reduce consumption to 2 times per week but eat lean meat instead, such as sirloin in place of rib-eye. Also, add more seafood or chicken to your diet and choose whole grain breads or pasta over white bread, as the ingredients in whole grain bread aids in digestion.
  3. Drink 1 liter of water every day to stay hydrated. A well hydrated body functions much better. Additionally, hydration keeps you from gorging yourself, as you don’t feel like eating as much when your stomach is full from water. Drink a glass before every meal to reduce your hunger. This will lead to further weight loss. If you feel hungry and there is no nutritious food to satisfy your craving, simply drink a full glass of cold water to boost your metabolism and curb your hunger.
  4. One of the most common issues for women after pregnancy is a stretched stomach. Therefore, when your body has recovered and you are ready for exercise, start by strengthening your abdominal muscles. Before beginning any major physical exercise, ensure that your stomach is strong enough to withstand the pressure. One trick is to keep your baby on your stomach while the baby is sleeping or you are playing with the baby. While holding your baby on your stomach, contract your abdominal muscles slowly. Perform this exercise for around 15 minutes daily and you will notice a significant difference. The results will be stunning. Once you master this exercise, you can try some other abdominal exercises to having more impactful results.

Losing weight after pregnancy is no easy task. Your body must recover from the trauma of the pregnancy and the birth before you incorporate many weight loss practices. However, start your weight loss program with these simple tricks and you will kickstart your efforts on losing the pregnancy weight.


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