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Weight Lifting is great exercise for women too

If you are a woman looking for an exercise to get your body in great shape, this may be the solution: include weight lifting in your routine. If you do not enjoy lifting weight as part of your exercise routine, this may not be the best news, but it is the best way to achieve the results you desire.

Here are some reasons why you must hit the gym to get a sculpted body:

Improve Body Tone: With 2 months of resistance training a few times a week, followed by simple weight training can build and develop lean muscles to give your body the taut look you seek. You can burn 100 calories in a day for every 2 pounds of added muscle. You will also lose fat quickly. Consequently, the body becomes toned as you drop fat.

Build Strong Bones: Studies show the positive effect of resistance training on bone density. In women, the risk of osteoporosis increases as time passes. So spend some time in the gym doing aerobics and lifting weights. Not only does it facilitate a healthy lifestyle, but it also drastically reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

Increase Strength: Lifting weights increases your stamina and strength overall. Ensure that you incorporate strength training in your workout routine to help you build strength and muscle in your core.

Enhance Performance: No matter if you are an athlete or a housewife, weight lifting is much more significant than you can imagine. Your performance will help you feel more energetic, vigorous and fresh. Then why to waste more time? Join the gym today and start a regular weight lifting routine.

No Bulking: There is a misconception that lifting weights regularly will make women bulk up too much as to appear manly. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, it is actually the opposite. Men have much more testosterone than women. For men, weight lifting bulks them up. However, for women, weight lifting tones and defines your body and muscles. This will help you look sexy in a bikini or any backless dress you want to throw on for a night out.

Strengthen Joints: This is another benefit of lifting weights in women. Your joints become tougher, as the tendons and ligaments work together. Strong muscular joints help keep injuries at bay.

Keep Confident: As lifting weights keep you energetic and vigorous, you get more confident in taking on other challenging tasks. Weight lifting in general provides a tremendous boost to confidence levels, which also results in a substantial reduction of depression.

Besides, all these benefits, weight lifting has proved its worth in improving mental focus as well. With all of the benefits that lifting weights provides both men and women, it is a good idea to tie some resistance and strength training into your regular workout routine. You will look and feel better with a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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