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Debra is a very busy woman. She and her husband have a lovely daughter and a very successful business in Madison, Wisconsin. Responsibilities tug at Debra all day long.

Although she’d been overweight for many years, Debra finally had her “OMG! Moment” in front of an unforgiving mirror in Long Beach, California in 2013. “I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself,” Debra said. “I suddenly became painfully aware of all the weight I’d gained.”

“There I was in beautiful Long Beach, and I felt like I was spending half my time trying to find a cover-up to wear. The experience solidified my desire to lose weight, and that became my one and only New Year’s resolution for 2014.”

For Debra, the problem wasn’t just how she looked, it was how she felt. “My quality-of-life list had gotten very long due to all the related health, emotional and lifestyle problems that accompany being overweight. I really needed to realign my quality of life.”

Finding the Right Weight Loss Method

Debra’s primary doctor recommended exercise and diet. Debra admitted, “My efforts were futile without having some kind of support.”

Then she responded to an advertisement about a supervised weight loss program with a revolutionary twist from Evolution Body Transformation, a Madison medical spa. She had a private consultation with Dr. Stacy Shropshire, D.C., P.Sc.D.,  and was impressed with her and her programs.

Debra learned that the Chiro-Thin Weight Loss Program is a six-week doctor managed program that helps patients lose 1⁄2 to 1 pound per day safely. Thanks to a combination of eating regular foods, taking daily natural supplements and a proprietary weight-loss supplement, patients start losing weight immediately. Debra also learned that over 25,000 patients nationwide have lost weight on Chiro-Thin, and Dr. Shropshire was one of them.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Shropshire was the first patient in Madison to go on the Chiro-Thin program. “I had to experience Chiro-Thin myself before I was comfortable  offering it to my patients.”

And what an experience it was! Dr. Shropshire lost 70 pounds at a rate of 1⁄2 pound a day, was never hungry and always had good energy.

So How Much Weight Did Debra Lose?

She lost 18.5 pounds during the six-week program. Debra summed up her experience perfectly:  “I’m over the moon, I’m so thrilled.”

Real Food. Real Support. Real Results.

“Chiro-Thin program is like no other weight loss program on the market,” says Dr. Shropshire.  “Our patients are getting the results they have dreamed about without having to endure an uncomfortable regime.”

Next Time—Debra’s Weight Loss Triumph: Part 2

As we speak, Debra’s finishing up her second six-week segment of Chiro-Thin. So be sure to read our next blog to find out:

• how much more weight she’s lost

• why she’s been so successful

• what she loves most about Chiro-Thin

• what she appreciates most about Dr. Shropshire and her staff

• the wonderful ways she’s rewarding herself for her success

• what her husband and daughter think about it

• the activities she now does that she couldn’t do before

• PLUS…Debra’s before and after photos that say it all

Evolution Body Transformation, an innovative medical spa in Madison, WI, provides safe, non-
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