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If you’ve already enjoyed Debra’s Personal Triumph with Chiro-Thin® Weight Loss Program, Part 1, you know that Debra came to Evolution Body Transformation, a medical spa in Madison, WI, to lose weight quickly and safely earlier this year.

Debra had a private consultation with Evolution’s Dr. Stacy Shropshire, D.C. She learned that the Chiro-Thin Weight Loss Program is a six-week doctor-managed program that helps patients lose ½ to 1 pound per day safely. Thanks to a combination of eating regular foods, taking daily natural supplements and a proprietary weight-loss supplement, patients start losing weight immediately. Debra learned that over 25,000 patients nationwide have lost weight on Chiro-Thin, and Dr. Shropshire was one of them.

Results from 1st Chiro-Thin Cycle

Debra lost 18.5 pounds during the six-week program and summed up her experience perfectly, “I’m over the moon, and I’m so thrilled.”
As we promised our readers, we followed Debra through her second six-week cycle of Chiro-Thin and are happy to report Debra is even more thrilled with her results:
** Debra lost 12 more pounds for a total of 30-1/2 pounds in just three months. **

“When I finished the entire first six-week cycle, I went to my closet and took out the size 8s and 10s that had been hanging there for years,” Debra said. “I slipped into my favorite khaki colored capris—and they fit better than they had the last time I wore them. I almost cried, I was so thrilled!”

Now that Debra has lost 30-1/2 pounds, she can wear all her favorite clothes she couldn’t bear to get rid of after she gained weight. “I’m going to a wedding and I plan to wear my sexy ankle-high Egyptian sandals with a beautiful black sheath dress I haven’t been able to wear in years,” Debra exclaimed. “I could have chosen any of four or five dresses that fit me perfectly again. My dungarees and swimwear all look great now.”

Why Has Debra Been So Successful?

In addition to losing more weight, Debra had another good reason for doing Chiro-Thin® a second time. “I wanted to establish a better foundation for my new healthy eating habits.” Behavior modification experts will be the first to tell you that you need at least 21 days to establish a new habit. Since weight loss can be a slippery slope for many well intentioned people, Debra realized she needed the added support of Dr. Shropshire and Chiro-Thin® for 90 days.

What Debra Loves Most about Chiro-Thin®

Debra liked the fact that she didn’t have to eat pre-packaged meals like other weight-loss programs have. She could eat delicious meats, vegetables and fruits at home or at restaurants. She was surprised that she felt so good. “I was never hungry and always had good energy,” Debra said, “and I slept great, too.”

What Debra Appreciates Most

The Chiro-Thin® program includes a weekly private consultation with Dr. Shropshire. That appealed to Debra because she felt like she needed the support and personal attention in order to achieve her goals. “Dr. Shropshire and her entire staff at Evolution Body Transformation were always so helpful and upbeat,” Debra said. Their advice and encouragement showed her she was not alone in her weight-loss journey.

How Debra Rewards her Success

Every time she lost five pounds, she rewarded herself with M’Lis Body Contour wraps, a popular treatment for losing inches and reducing cellulite in stubborn areas also offered by Evolution Body Transformation. “I’ve done four M’Lis Body Contour Wraps and one Thermojet Sauna Therapy,” Debra said.

Reactions from Debra’s Family

During her second Chiro-Thin cycle, Debra’s family was even more supportive. Her young daughter told her, “Mom, you look so good!” One evening, her husband lovingly put his arms around her and said, “Oh, I almost forgot, this is my skinny wife Debra!”

New Activities for Debra

Over 30 pounds lighter, Debra is more active now. “I go swimming and bicycling. I play tennis with my daughter. I can walk more because I have greater stamina. I feel like I’ve jumped back and picked up my life from about six years ago—the years I frittered away due to my eating habits, lack of stamina and the embarrassment of never looking good in my clothes. Thanks to my determination and the Chiro-Thin® Weight Loss Program at Evolution Body Transformation, I’ve reversed my aging!”
Evolution Body Transformation, an innovative medical spa in Madison, WI, provides safe, non-invasive body shaping treatments and healthy weight loss systems for men and women. We are the exclusive provider of the revolutionary Chiro-Thin Weight Loss Program in Madison.

*Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.