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With the crispness of autumn just around the corner, change is already in the air. Here at Evolution Body Transformation we’re welcoming the fall with a brand new addition to our team.

Angela - Evolution Body TransformationMeet Angela. Warm and effortlessly friendly, she comes from a background in beauty. “I’ve worked my way up within the company at Cost Cutters,” she explained, as we sat down to talk about her experiences in the field. “I have managed a few of the salons here in Madison, and I’m a National Design Team member.”

I wasn’t surprised when Angela shared that she gives her free time to charity: “I manage the volunteering staff at our hair salon at the Agrace Center in Fitchburg, which is hospice,” she explained.

Eager for some growth and change herself, Angela jumped at the chance to be involved in the innovative atmosphere offered at Evolution Body Transformation. “I wanted some new experiences. I wanted to expand on my knowledge of the other services in my industry.”

And that’s exactly what Angela did.

Over the next few weeks, Evolution Body Transformation is introducing all kinds of new services to join in the fight against all of your toughest beauty battles, care of our newest team member.

“I am bringing [the Ultra Detox] chemical peel and the microdermabrasion. The chemical peel is suitable for all skin types. It’s a nonsurgical acid hybrid peel that will undo visible damage on your face. The microdermabrasion is a skin resurfacing—it exfoliates the skin to help rejuvenate it!”

What Angela’s most excited about, though, is what these treatments can do alongside our most cutting-edge treatment and product line yet, the Venus Legacy, which combats cellulite and rejuvenates collagen to make skin look smooth, young, and healthy.

“I’m excited to do the Venus and incorporate that with the [Ultra Detox] chemical peel and the microdermabrasion. So I’m just gonna add on to something great that we already have here!”

With all the promising options and hugely groundbreaking beauty treatments today, it can be easy to get too caught up in change and forget to enjoy our bodies while we work toward meeting our goals. Angela has some words of wisdom for everyone out there working to feel and look their best.

“It’s not going to happen overnight. It’s definitely going to take multiple treatments…with anything you do, it didn’t happen overnight, so it isn’t going to change overnight,” she reminds us.

But Angela also knows what each of our services can and will change with the necessary patience and diligence. “You’ll see less sun damage and less fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll have smaller pores and a slimmer waistline!”

And we can make these beautiful changes for the better a permanent part of our lives. “I heard a quote today,” Angela shared, “that you have to buy insurance for your investment. You’re investing all this time into a youthful glow and a youthful look. You also need to invest in the products that can help you stay that way.”

Evolution Body Transformation is ready to help make it possible to do just that—we want what we do to give you that youthful glow forever, and Angela has just the thing.

“The new Venus skin care line is on its way,” she says. “It can be shipped directly to your home within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after we prescribe it.”

Stay tuned to learn more about the Venus skin care line and other great offers from Evolution Body Transformation that can help you retain your beautiful, youthful glow!

Congratulations on your new position with us Angela! We’re excited to have you!

Come visit Angela, Dr. Shropshire, and the rest of the team by making an appointment on our home page: or by giving us a call at 608-274-2225!



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