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Making the decision to lose weight and sticking to it is a very difficult proposition. Even with a doctor supervised program like Chirothin or Ideal Protein, which makes it much easier to lose a significant amount of fat in a short period of time, self-discipline and commitment are required to get the best results. As difficult as weight loss itself can be, however, maintaining weight loss is often much more difficult, which is why many individuals find themselves in an endless cycle of losing, gaining, and losing, relying on increasingly extreme diets that in many cases are not healthy or sustainable. While weight loss is a frequently-cited goal, the benefits of maintaining a particular weight once it is achieved are incredible.


Reduce Your Risk of Diabetes

While losing weight on its own is often cited for reducing Type Two Diabetes risks, the important thing is to keep the weight off long-term. Studies show that it’s not just obesity itself that increases risks of developing diabetes—it’s the process of gaining weight as well. By losing the weight once and keeping it off, you’re maintaining a metabolism that is more resistant to diabetes in general. If you have a family history of Type 2 Diabetes, reaching a healthy weight and maintaining that weight—through behavioral changes and a healthy diet—is your best strategy for avoiding the disease, which can lead to greater health problems over time. Those with Type 2 Diabetes also frequently find that their symptoms are reduced after they’ve lost weight—and for as long as they maintain that healthy weight.

Maintaining Leads to Long Term Health

By maintaining a healthy weight, you can reduce your risk for a host of health problems, including but not limited to:

Some studies suggest that weight cycling can lead to health risks that simply being overweight on its own doesn’t; gallbladder disease and high cholesterol have been linked to “yo-yo dieting,” above and beyond obese or overweight conditions.


Feel Better About Yourself

While the idea that “yo-yo dieting” over the long term can make it more difficult to lose weight each time has not been proven by scientific studies, there is a great deal of evidence that suggests that the psychological state needed to lose weight becomes more difficult to attain; each time someone “gains back” the weight they lose, there is a tendency to view that gain as a failure, and to become depressed. Conversely, the longer significant weight loss is maintained, the easier it becomes for individuals to practice the habits that lead to a healthy weight for a lifetime.

Individuals who maintain weight loss for a significant period of time are, according to studies, much more confident and comfortable than those who cycle in and out of weight loss.


Saving Money

The ways in which losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight impact your bank account are tremendous. Not only does maintaining a healthy weight reduce the amount of money spent on medicines and doctor’s visits over a lifetime, but there are also large savings in areas that you may not even think about: a healthier lifestyle leads to lower grocery bills, as well as reduced clothing expenses. In addition, many health insurance and life insurance companies offer lower rates to individuals who maintain a healthy weight, which over the course of just a few years can result in enormous savings.

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