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Microdermbrasion is a wonderful non invasive way to keep your skin healthy and smooth.  This popular procedure can be incorporated into almost any skin care regimen to keep skin healthy and prevent some of the telltale signs of aging. In fact, many of our clients attribute monthly or quarterly microdermabrasion treatments to their radiant complexions.

Microdermabrasion is a procedure that uses suction and microdermabrasion crystals that buff away the outer surface layer of the skin.  This outer layer of the skin acts as a barrier between the outside world and deeper layers of skin.  Due to external factors this layer can become unhealthy and give your skin a dull or rough appearance.  It can also prevent skincare products from reaching the deeper layers.  By exofoliating the outermost layer that is the dull, rough layer that really shows wrinkles and blemishes is buffed away revealing a healthy glow.

Benefits Of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion can also be combined with some of our other treatments for a synergistic effect. Typically we apply a customized serum from our vast menu of advanced infusions or a specialty treatment mask to address you particular concerns.  If a client is looking for a more aggressive treatment we recommend a Micro Peel that features both a mechanical exfoliation and a chemical exfoliation.  After the microdermabrasion we apply one of our skin resurfacing treatments for an extra boost!  Read More about Microdermabrasion.

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