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ladies nightEvery once in a while, you need a good, old-fashioned night out with the ladies.

Back in February, Evolution Body Transformation broke ground with our first ever Ladies’ Night of Indulgence. Firm believers in the sanctity of well-deserved girl time, we busted out our best deals of the season. We had our Vevazz laser-like lipo machines blazing, and our Venus eye-brightening treatments generated a booked out schedule from start to finish—all for free. We talked about the benefits of essential oils, and our company rep from Neocutis came to match each lady with the right take-home skincare package for her unique skin.

Possibly the best of all was our 20% off any package deal, which included our body wraps, skincare products, and yes…even sessions on our Venus Legacy aesthetic workstation.

Combined with delicious hors d’oeuvres and delectable drinks, it was a night to remember.

Now it’s back by popular demand, Wednesday, April 29th with hours from 4:00 to 7:00. Can’t make it at 4:00? That’s fine! Drop in any time during the evening.

Here’s what’s up for grabs for all our favorite ladies (we’re lookin’ at you!):

Upgrade any Laser-Like Lipo Package

Bought a package of one-zone lasers, but you’d like to see inch loss in two different areas? Come to our ladies night, and you can purchase sessions on our two-zone laser for the price of our one-zone! That’s ­more than thirty dollars saved every session! I mean, really? How could you pass that up?

Schedule a Free Microdermabrasion 

Come to our ladies’ night, and you’ll get to schedule a free microdermabrasion treatment just for walking in the door. We can see your skin getting smoother already!

20% Off Skincare Products, Venus Sessions, Body Wraps, and Gift Cards

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. If you purchase any of our medical-grade skincare products, you’ll get them at 20% off. If you purchase a Venus Legacy package, you will receive it at 20% below normal price (that’s a $400 savings for many Venus packages). Like relaxing with our M’Lis, Bioslimming, and Thermo-Jet Infrared wraps? Get them cheaper than you’ll ever get them again. And if you’ve got a flood of spring birthdays coming up among family and friends, think gift cards. These are 20% off, too—only at Ladies’ Night!

So at this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself: “How could the ladies at Evolution make this evening any more fabulous? What more could they possibly have up their fancy sleeves?!”


We’re ecstatic to be welcoming one of our very own special ladies for the evening to present Perfectly Posh products. If you’re all about cute, girly, and healthy natural products, this is the brand for you! Come check them out.

We’re also really excited to welcome Michelle Quelle with her very own line of gorgeous jewelry.

And don’t forget: when you RSVP, you’ll get first dibs on our FREE TREATMENTS running throughout the evening. Spots are just about filled, so reserve your free sessions sooner rather than later!

We all need an evening off sometimes—so come kick it with us!! We want to see your beautiful face!

Call to RSVP at 608-274-2225. No answer? Just leave a voice mail, and we’ll call to confirm your free treatment.

See you there!


Oxygen ElementOxygen is an amazing element.

This all-important eighth guest at the periodic table sustains most of the terrestrial life on earth, making respiration possible and forming an essential building block of life-giving water. And it’s part of our planet’s outer crust, too, existing in various compounds that make up fifty percent of its mass. Even our sun owes .9 percent of its mass to oxygen.

Simply put, the world as we know it wouldn’t (and couldn’t) exist without it. But it’s not just about existing—oxygen allows people to thrive.

Beautiful Girl Looking In The MirrorIt’s not a new concept. Since the element’s discovery in 1772, people have acknowledged oxygen’s extra beneficial qualities. Joseph Priestley found, in 1774, that mice surrounded by higher concentrations of the gas had more energy and longer lives. A couple hundred years later, modern alternative medicine has furthered these claims, putting forth the idea that oxygen enhances health and well-being in humans, improving our immune system, our concentration, and even reducing stress.

It might not be surprising, then, that oxygen has become one of the newest innovations in skincare.

With origins in the Outback, the oxygen facial emerged in the U.S. in 2006. Since then, it’s only grown in popularity, helped along once icons of the beauty industry realized just how much of a difference an oxygen facial regimen could have on the youth and radiance of skin—particularly under new scrutiny imposed by the advent of HD TV. With every wrinkle and imperfection showcased for the world to see, oxygen picked up the skincare mantle—and even Madonna was on board.

Now at this point you’re probably pretty curious. After all…how exactly do you use oxygen as skincare? Well, it’s a good question.

The answer: the O2 Lift from Image Skincare, and it’s coming soon to Evolution Body Transformation.

The O2 Lift basically boils down to pure oxygen at high pressure, combined with everything your skin needs in a five-step process that releases healthy but buried skin. After cleansing away makeup, the O2 Lift utilizes fruit enzymes to exfoliate. By the completion of this stage, your old and dead skin is long gone. The lift’s unique masque oxygenates and moisturizes for instantly fuller, plumper, younger skin. Once oxygenated, skin easily absorbs age-reversing plant stem cells and antioxidants, ensuring that the dead and damaged cells which were removed only minutes earlier have a hard time making another appearance.

In under an hour, Image’s O2 Lift leaves you with skin that’s not only fuller, but smoother–and without the splotches and imperfections other treatments can leave behind. You’re free to reapply makeup right away, and we guarantee it’ll glide on like air.

So if you’re looking for some fresh air, why not bring some to your skin, too?

Give us a call at 608-274-2225 to get the latest news on the O2 Lift, schedule a consult, or to learn more about our skincare treatments!

This month at Evolution Body Transformation, we’re stepping up our game in time to meet all your spring vacation beauty needs. Whether you’re escaping to a land of white sand and sunshine, or you’re stuck in the Wisconsin snow drift for the long haul, we’ve got everything you need to keep your skin fresh, glowing, and fabulous through the last legs of the driest, most skin-damaging time of the year.

Let’s start with one treatment we offer here—the chemical peel—and what it is about chemical peels in general that makes them so beneficial for our skin.

Like microdermabrasion, chemical peels work to remove the outermost layer of your skin. Why? Well because it’s dead. At any given time, your face is coated in those deceased skin cells. They accumulate dirt and hold on to toxins and impurities. After all, nothing gets into you without first brushing up against, and often sinking into, your skin. That layer of gunk clogs pores, and it also prevents the healthy molecules and nutrients of moisturizers and other skincare products from getting where they need to go. When you use microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, you’re clearing away all that unhealthy build-up and allowing nutrients to penetrate deep into your skin to repair damage, stimulate healthy processes, and cleanse.

But unlike microdermabrasion, a chemical peel dives deeper into the epidermis, creating a clearer pathway for moisturizers and nutrients.

Enter the NEO•PEEL.

An upgrade from our previous treatments, the NEO•PEEL is a medical grade peel that was developed from years of research on the inner workings of new, healthy skin. That means its active ingredients aren’t drops in a sea of otherwise useless add-ins and fillers. Instead they make up the bulk of the peel, packing enough power to make a drastic change in your skin’s health and appearance.

The NEO•PEEL also adds lactic acid into the mix.

For years, dermatologists and skincare companies moved away from lactic acid as an active ingredient in their skincare products, putting it on the sidelines in favor of glycolic. But recent science has revived lactic acid as the queen of skin improvement and health. It’s your body’s natural alarm system, calling in the medics whenever you get an injury that needs to start healing.

Imagine you take a trip to the gym. You go all out: tread-mill, weights, yoga, and to top it all off, you finish with Pilates. You leave feeling extremely sore—you can’t even lift an arm without a pinching and stinging in your muscles begging you to be stiff as a statue for the next three weeks. That’s lactic acid you’re feeling. When you work out, you’re actually breaking down your muscles and tearing them. Lactic acid tells your body that it’s time to heal and create new, healthy muscle.

Lactic acid stimulates the same process as it removes that top layer of dead skin and toxins. It begins a healing reaction in your skin that brings forth healthier, newer, and brighter skin. A smaller molecule than glycolic acid, lactic acid also penetrates deeper and allows nutrients and moisturizers to reach their full potential in your skin.

Sensitive skin? Never had a chemical peel? The NEO•PEEL is remarkably gentle, and requires no down time. Whether you’re planning to look fabulous over spring break, or you want to protect your skin from the dry Wisconsin air, this peel is a good place to start. Give us a call at 608-274-2225 to see what the NEO•PEEL can do for you!

You’ve spent 2014 stopping in to see us at Evolution Body Transformation, making inches vanish with our Laser-Like Lipo, tightening and smoothing your skin with the Venus Legacy, and toning and contouring with our variety of relaxing body wraps…or maybe you’re just checking out this blog for the very first time!

Whether you’ve been with us since 2013, or you just had your first consultation with Dr. Stacy Shropshire yesterday, you know that our cutting-edge treatments are one-of-a-kind, and you’re choosing us to help you reach your toughest beauty goals.

Now, we want to say thank you!

Black Friday has become the source of everyone’s very best deals of the entire year, and here at Evolution Body Transformation, we’re not making any exceptions to the rule. We’re giving you new deals all weekend long, with specials available every twenty-four hours!

On Friday, November 28th, get to our online store fast. We’re offering one free essential facial with the purchase of a three-facial package. You can also check out the Holiday Slim Down: get a body wrap and a facial for only $125.

Stick with us into Saturday, and you’ll have the opportunity to grab a free body wrap when you buy a package of three. Want to focus more on drastic inch loss in your tummy, thighs, or arms? Buy a package of three sessions on our brand new sixteen-paddle laser-like lipo machine and get a free Thermo-Jet Infrared body wrap that’ll boost your metabolism and target unhealthy visceral fat found deep in your body.

As you get ready to head back into the work week, catch our deal this Sunday, when we’re offering to throw in a free body wrap with the purchase of our Bioslimming take-home kit! This kit is great for at-home maintenance, keeping your body cellulite-free and beautifully contoured.

Why not give yourself—or someone you love—the gift of health and beauty this holiday season? Find all our deals right here!

It has finally arrived!

Last week, Evolution Body Transformation was elated to be one of the very first spas to receive Venus Concept’s newest innovation: Venus Skin. In our last few blog posts, we’ve talked a lot about the changing season’s effect on your skin, and about what Evolution can do to keep your skin at its best all year long. We’ve also talked before about the concept of beauty as an investment in yourself.

To understand how truly instrumental the Venus skin care line is to maintaining beauty, think about building yourself a brand new home. It has everything you’ve ever dreamed of: a sparkling kitchen, an open, cozy family room, space for a quaint little garden in the back (and of course your bedroom is fabulous).

You’ve made an investment, and worked hard for it. Obviously you want insurance for your home—after all, any number of things could happen to it. You could experience a natural disaster, or put a blanket too close to a space heater and set your cozy family room ablaze. You want to know that no matter what happens, the hard-earned investment you’ve put into your home is protected.

In a lot of ways, your body is as much a home as your house. When you eat well, exercise, and care for your skin, you’re slowly but surely making hard-earned investments in your body. And when you do, you want to make sure those investments are protected.

Let’s say you’re doing everything right. You’re fitting enzymes into your diet and eating well. You’re getting sleep. Recently you’ve begun visiting Evolution Body Transformation for a microdermabrasion every other week. Maybe you’re even treating yourself to weekly sessions with the Venus Legacy. As you’d hoped, you’ve reached your biggest beauty goals, and you look great. You’ve made an investment in yourself.

But life is going to happen. You’ll experience stressors that will throw your body—and your skin—out of wack. You’ll age. You’ll spend long days exposed to dry, cold winds or out in the damaging rays of the sun. Even gravity is working against you. Like the insurance you buy to combat all the potential risks to your home, Venus Skin is the insurance to the investments you make in yourself. Its job is to make sure that all the time and money you’ve spent to reach your beauty goals isn’t lost.

Let’s take a moment to look at the Venus Skin Anti-Aging Kit. Its Efface Serum is powered by anti-oxidants that keep your skin firm and healthy. Wrinkle-attacking peptides keep fine lines and redness at bay. Potent Vitamin C works in the formula to protect and nourish your skin’s collagen, the key to youthful, beautiful skin.

But as important as maintenance is to beauty, and as important as insurance is for any investment, it typically can’t make that investment better just by ensuring its safety. That’s where Venus Skin goes above and beyond: in 28 days, the anti-aging kit can increase the firmness of your skin by 18 percent. It can be used anywhere for spot treatments to your most demanding areas.

Broken down into specialized kits that meet the needs of your individual skin, the Venus skin care line can preserve youthful, clear skin while combatting additional skin problems, including unwanted pigmentation, and even severe acne. Consider the Gly Resurfacer, part of the Venus Skin acne and pigmentation kit. It contains a lightweight, exfoliating lotion that uses 20 percent glycolic and lactic acid levels to achieve 72 percent acne reduction and 76 percent shine reduction.

So do you want insurance for your beauty investment that both improves and protects? Learn even more about Venus Skin. Give us a call at 608-274-2225 to schedule a free consultation with Angela, our skin expert, or schedule one online at

To read about another Venus Concept service Evolution Body Transformation offers, check out our post on the Venus Legacy!

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