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Do you want to eliminate:

  • Sun Spots
  • Skin Tags
  • Age Spots

*CryoClearRX is a treatment that freezes the top layer of the skin, destroying the offending cells. It is safe, painless and and has a clinically efficacy rate of 95%. This highly targeted treatment option is perfect for treating sun spots, skin tags or age spots.

What Can I Expect from A CryoClear Treatment?
There are four phases to your CryoClear treatment*:

*CryoClear is quick, effective and completely painless. This cutting edge treatment repairs and renews your skin, making it look years younger in just one or two sessions! It can be performed as a standalone treatment, or in conjunction with microdermabrasion or a chemical peel. Treat yourself to new and vibrant skin with CryoClear and see results fast! You’ll be utterly amazed at the short treatment time and the incredible results. Click or call to schedule your free consultation today!

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*Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.