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Premium Wellness: The ultimate body transformation and relaxation experience.


Weight loss




  • Weight Management: Burns calories
  • Anti-Aging Properties: It’s great for your skin!
  • Fitness: Tones, Firms & Helps with Endurance
  • Relaxation: Stress Reduction & Complete Mindfulness
  • Restful Sleep: Take a Refreshing Power Nap
  • Cleansing: Healthy & Holistic Perspiration to Feel Refreshed


The Cocoon Wellness Pro System combines both dry heat and infrared heat with vibratory massage, aromatherapy, and salt air for the ultimate body transformation and relaxation experience.

In the past, many health and holistic wellness machines have been developed to condition the mind and body to promote wellness, relaxation, beauty, and fitness. Studies have proven the benefits of various technologies and therapy techniques intended to improve mental and physical well being. However, limitations have existed because no system has been able to achieve the perfect balance of body and mind conditioning. Until the emergence of the new transformative Cocoon Wellness Pro™ POD System.


Cocoon sessions help create the perfect relaxation experience for optimum wellness, rejuvenating meditation, and refreshing mindfulness. The Cocoon POD can help you feel and enjoy the vital connection between mind and body for improved mental focus and acuity. With soothing massage vibration, aromatherapy, and peaceful calm, the Cocoon transforms every session into your wellness sanctuary.


Program time can adjust from 15 to 30 minutes The user-friendly Cocoon software includes pre-set Cocoon programs: Relax, Wellness, Power Nap, Fitness, and Weight Management. Users can also select custom programs or create their own customized settings for Pre and Post Fitness Workout sessions. All programs can be modified to personalize and change the session time duration, heat levels, and massage intensity as desired.


Q. What can the Infrared Wellness Pod do for me?

A. Cocoon Fitness POD sessions provide you with a private sanctuary to maintain or achieve weight management and enjoy a relaxing, full-body massage in a warm, soothing environment. Or, enjoy an active-exercise workout with the adjustable exercise bands and guided fitness programs for different fitness levels. The Cocoon is “The Ultimate Weight Management, Wellness Exercise, Fitness, and Relaxation Machine” and instantly makes available to you a multitude of healthy lifestyle and wellness benefits.

Q. What should I wear?

A. We recommend wearing loose-fitting clothes, athletic clothing, swimwear, undergarments or go in the buff. You will be laying on a towel during the session and the bed is fully sanitized between every use. Although the Pod will produce ambient dry heat within the chamber, the main advantage of the session comes from the infrared rays. Therefore, wearing appropriate minimal clothing is optimal for the infrared rays to penetrate through the body.

Q. What's the difference between a traditional sauna and the Cocoon Wellness Infrared Pod?

A.  Traditional saunas, whether a conventional or wet/humid sauna, heat the body externally by raising the air temperature to approximately 160-194 degrees Fahrenheit. The dry or humid, hot air then enables the body to go through physiological processes to “cool” the body down/regulate your body temperature, thus creating a series of benefits, such as sweating, removing toxins, etc. Infrared saunas, such as the Pod, heat the body internally by using infrared wavelengths rather than heating the body with warm air. Far-infrared rays penetrate the body, internally warming the core temperature to create physiological benefits. In the Pod, the eternal air is warm and does not get as hot in comparison to a traditional sauna, allowing for a more relaxing sauna experience. The Pod is a unique infrared sauna that delivers far-infrared rays. While heating the air (like a conventional sauna) raises the temperature throughout the entire Pod, the infrared wavelengths directly penetrates your body, thus externally and internally raising your core temperature. Unlike most traditional and infrared saunas chambers, the Pod provides an optimal, relaxing sauna experience, allowing you to lay comfortably with your head exposed. While having your head exposed and your body enclosed in the Pod, you can raise and control the temperature to heat your body while breathing clean, purified air during your session.

Q. What should I expect during my first appointment?

A.  Prior to your first session, it is important to drink plenty of water! Upon arrival, you will be greeted and taken back to the Pod where we will explain the process. Your session will last approximately 30 minutes. 15 minutes into your first session, we will return to check on you and see if you have any questions. During your session, you may feel like you are not getting warm enough in the first 10-15 minutes, this is typical and part of the process of your body slowly acclimating itself to consistent internal heating. Once your session is complete, you will slowly sit up and re-adjust yourself to your surroundings, as you may experience lightheadedness due to laying down for a prolonged period (orthostatic hypertension). There are no activity restrictions after your Pod sessions, however, it is important to continue to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.



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