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Laser Hair REmoval

By Dr. Stacy Shropshire

Laser hair removal has become something of a buzz word in recent years. Getting rid of unwanted body hair without the pain and mess of waxing is appealing to many people. However, while laser hair removal is a great way to get the look you want, not all systems are the same. There are many laser hair removal systems on the market. If you been looking for a fast and effective way to remove unwanted body hair, you have come to the right blog!

History of Laser Hair Removal Systems

While laser hair removal may seem like the latest craze, it is actually not new technology. In fact, lasers have been used to remove unwanted body hair almost since the invention of the laser in 1960. From there, Dr. Rox Anderson instituted laser hair removal during his work on dermatological innovations in the Wellman Institute at Harvard’s Mass General Hospital.

It took 30 years, but finally the treatment was approved for public use in 1997. Since that time, laser hair removal has grown and improved through ongoing research, development and new innovations.

All skin is different. Some people are fair-skinned while other are dark-skinned. Some people have light hair and others dark. With some many varieties of patients, a laser hair removal system that can be adjusted based on the patient is important for safety, effectiveness and comfort. This is why many laser hair removal businesses are turning to Cynosure’s Vectus Laser.

Vectus by Cynosure

Laser Hair Removal System

Laser Hair Removal System

Cynosure was the first recipient of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval in 1997. Since that time the company has been at the forefront of the laser hair removal industry. Cynosure’s Vectus has a patented Skintel Melanin Reader that allows the practitioner to adjust laser settings based on skin types and shades, making it adaptable to any skin type without fear of injury or damage to the skin.

Due to the large head size of the unit, the Vectus is capable of moving quickly over large areas of the body in only a matter of minutes. This makes the Vectus the fastest and most efficient laser hair removal unit on the market.

During its trial period, patients using the Vectus system expressed little discomfort. Throw in the Vectus’ patented Advanced Contact Cooling system and patients are assured a positive experience.  The final piece to knowing that Cynosure’s Vectus system is the right choice for laser hair removal treatments is how it stacks up against the competition. When used side by side with a competitor’s latest technology, the Vectus produced hair reduction results of forty percent higher than its closest competitor.

The Cynosure’s Vectus system is a good way to eliminate unwanted body hair for both men and women. Unwanted hair can be an annoyance for anyone and fast effective treatments to eliminate unwanted hair permanently.

Laser hair removal is the technology to safely, quickly and comfortably remove body hair. Cynosure’s Vectus system is the best brand on the market. It is the fastest, safest, most comfortable and effective way to remove body hair no matter your skin shade or type. So for your next laser hair removal treatment, chose Vectus and watch your unwanted hair disappear before your eyes.

*Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.