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Just a few weeks ago, Evolution Body Transformation welcomed an anticipated addition to our product selection—and it’s a key stepping stone on the path to health and beauty that your body may have been missing out on for years.

Like so many quirks and quibbles of the body, it all starts with our meals. We all ask that legendary question: “Well, what are you eating?” And we all function on that same basic assumption that if you eat well, you feel well. If you don’t eat well, you feel like poor old Atlas from Greek myth, bearing all the weight of the world on your shoulders—except probably without that killer bod.

The truth is, even when we do eat well, we still get headaches, joint aches, and heart burn. We feel down and depressed—even anxious as we stumble through the day-to-day stressors of our jobs, our families, and our responsibilities.

So what’s going wrong? If we eat well, we should feel well. Right?

Well, it’s important to understand that we’re not asking the wrong question—we need to find ways to fit those lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains into that brown paper bag we rush out of the house with every morning. We need that apple (or five) a day to keep the doctor away. But what’s going wrong lies in the fact that we just aren’t asking enough. Everyone knows to question the contents of their diet. There’s another important question, though, that we aren’t asking:

“Are those five apples I just ate getting to where they need to go?”

Most of us have never even given it a thought. It’s always seemed so simple: if the nutrients go into your body, they must do their job. Unfortunately, that’s just not always the case.

That’s where Evolution Body Transformation can help you start building a strong foundation for your health, one that will let you reach your beauty goals the right way: by giving your body everything it needs to confidently carry all the weight of your day, rock that world on your shoulders, and look awesome doing it.

The key to it all is a healthy dose of enzymes. You’ve likely heard the word before, but what exactly are enzymes? To really understand, we’ll start with Dr. Howard F. Loomis, who has brought the idea of food enzymes into the healthcare spotlight through extensive lecturing since 1985.

Dr. Loomis starts us off with the idea that we shouldn’t be constantly attempting to cure diseases. Instead, we need to be working on maintaining our health. In other words, we need to stop trying to stamp out the fires and, instead, find those shorted wires that are causing them in the first place. It’s likely, Dr. Loomis would argue, that the thing that shorted those wires in the first place had something to do with lacking nutrition, and by extension, food enzymes.

Building off the work of Dr. Edward Howell, Loomis explains that we all experience stress: that guy at the office who has an annoying habit of audibly chewing gum—and leaving it in the parking lot for you to step in. The cell phone bills you swear are actually producing offspring together on your kitchen counter. Stress on the body can even come in the form of that unfortunate, extra-grease pizza you had for dinner the fourth night in a row, or the crappy metabolism your grandma gave you.

To combat the stress caused by Mr. Audible Gum-Chewer and company, we need a steady delivery of nutrients that will allow us to stay healthy. But as we discovered earlier, we can be eating a healthy and balanced diet…and still not feel well. This is because we probably aren’t digesting all that healthy food adequately. That’s why food enzymes are so important to our wellbeing.

Enzymes, once inherently present in our diets, have slipped out of foods as we’ve moved toward a more processed system of food production. It means they’ve gotten harder and harder to squeeze into our daily routine, and it also means that our basic health is suffering. Without enzymes, those nutrients we need to cope with stress from work, our less-than-healthy habits, or problems our genes dictate, simply can’t get to where they need to go. When that happens, we get those shorted wires. Fires start and, basically, we feel like crap.

Enzymes work by correcting common digestive problems that cut off that delivery of much-needed nutrients, reducing unhealthy cravings by nourishing and rejuvenating our bodies and allowing an anticipated stream of protein, carbs, and lipids. And when our bodies are getting those proteins, carbs, and lipids, we can respond well to stress. Our bodies can regain that all-over health that we crave, and all those little fires that were once raging are put out at the source, the shorted wires now thoroughly repaired.

Evolution Body Transformation now offers a variety of dietary enzymes, tailored to fit your body’s individual digestive faults and help you power through your day to day stressors.

Beauty begins with health. Take the next step in your wellness journey, and come in for a free consultation with Dr. Stacy Shropshire today. Call 608-274-2225, or schedule an appointment online at

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