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This month at Evolution Body Transformation, we’re stepping up our game in time to meet all your spring vacation beauty needs. Whether you’re escaping to a land of white sand and sunshine, or you’re stuck in the Wisconsin snow drift for the long haul, we’ve got everything you need to keep your skin fresh, glowing, and fabulous through the last legs of the driest, most skin-damaging time of the year.

Let’s start with one treatment we offer here—the chemical peel—and what it is about chemical peels in general that makes them so beneficial for our skin.

Like microdermabrasion, chemical peels work to remove the outermost layer of your skin. Why? Well because it’s dead. At any given time, your face is coated in those deceased skin cells. They accumulate dirt and hold on to toxins and impurities. After all, nothing gets into you without first brushing up against, and often sinking into, your skin. That layer of gunk clogs pores, and it also prevents the healthy molecules and nutrients of moisturizers and other skincare products from getting where they need to go. When you use microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, you’re clearing away all that unhealthy build-up and allowing nutrients to penetrate deep into your skin to repair damage, stimulate healthy processes, and cleanse.

But unlike microdermabrasion, a chemical peel dives deeper into the epidermis, creating a clearer pathway for moisturizers and nutrients.

Enter the NEO•PEEL.

An upgrade from our previous treatments, the NEO•PEEL is a medical grade peel that was developed from years of research on the inner workings of new, healthy skin. That means its active ingredients aren’t drops in a sea of otherwise useless add-ins and fillers. Instead they make up the bulk of the peel, packing enough power to make a drastic change in your skin’s health and appearance.

The NEO•PEEL also adds lactic acid into the mix.

For years, dermatologists and skincare companies moved away from lactic acid as an active ingredient in their skincare products, putting it on the sidelines in favor of glycolic. But recent science has revived lactic acid as the queen of skin improvement and health. It’s your body’s natural alarm system, calling in the medics whenever you get an injury that needs to start healing.

Imagine you take a trip to the gym. You go all out: tread-mill, weights, yoga, and to top it all off, you finish with Pilates. You leave feeling extremely sore—you can’t even lift an arm without a pinching and stinging in your muscles begging you to be stiff as a statue for the next three weeks. That’s lactic acid you’re feeling. When you work out, you’re actually breaking down your muscles and tearing them. Lactic acid tells your body that it’s time to heal and create new, healthy muscle.

Lactic acid stimulates the same process as it removes that top layer of dead skin and toxins. It begins a healing reaction in your skin that brings forth healthier, newer, and brighter skin. A smaller molecule than glycolic acid, lactic acid also penetrates deeper and allows nutrients and moisturizers to reach their full potential in your skin.

Sensitive skin? Never had a chemical peel? The NEO•PEEL is remarkably gentle, and requires no down time. Whether you’re planning to look fabulous over spring break, or you want to protect your skin from the dry Wisconsin air, this peel is a good place to start. Give us a call at 608-274-2225 to see what the NEO•PEEL can do for you!

The team here at Evolution Body Transformation was lucky enough to meet David by surprise on a typical day toward the end of October. Dropping in to say hello, he visited our office from his own on the floor above. With introductions aside, he chatted animatedly with Dr. Shropshire, expressing an early interest in our services.

David returned for his initial consultation only a few weeks later.

The catalyst was a common one—the yearly wellness program David participates in at work. This year, David saw the program as a call to action: “I had metabolic syndrome in like three or four different categories…just barely high cholesterol. A little bit higher glucose. Nothing really bad, but all of them were elevated.”

David had fallen into an all-too-familiar habit. Since moving to the Madison area fifteen years earlier, David’s sedentary work requirements had allowed a steady two-pound weight gain with each passing year. Now, David found himself thirty pounds heavier than he wanted to be, and with possible health issues looming on the horizon.

Dr. Shropshire recommended the Chirothin weight loss program and a strict treatment regimen: nine laser-like lipo sessions that would focus his inch loss where he needed it most, and three Thermo-Jet infrared wraps to boost David’s metabolism, banish unhealthy stores of fat around his organs, and purge toxins.

With an open and talkative demeanor, David quickly became a friendly face in the building. He began following Dr. Shropshire’s individualized plan religiously, never failing to make an appointment, and staying well within Chirothin parameters. “I didn’t overeat any day. I didn’t miss any day. I took my drops on time, my pills for the breakfast—I never missed those.”

And David began seeing results right away. After three laser sessions, one Thermo-Jet wrap, and little more than two weeks on the Chirothin, David had dropped four inches from his midsection. He’d cut his weight gain, accumulated over fifteen years, in half. Elated, David shared changes he’d noticed, telling us his belts were no longer tight enough—he’d already needed to create new notches to accommodate his new, trimmer waistline.

The success continued. Six laser sessions in, and with all three Thermo-Jets completed, David waved goodbye to another four inches off his waistline. He was four weeks into the Chirothin program, and already twenty-two pounds lighter. With two-thirds of his extra weight gone, David had already exceeded the twenty-pound loss expected from the program. He’d done nothing more than follow the guidelines to a T.

When we sat down to discuss his success on the program, I asked David about the intense motivation that kept him so dedicated to Chirothin. Speaking from an honest perspective, David shared an anecdote: “I used to do martial arts all the time. Your black belt test usually costs several thousand dollars,” David explained. “Well, the idea is that it meant something to you. Most people don’t have money to throw away.”

David had made an investment in himself, and his determination to see a return paid off. After completing his sixth and final week on the program, and finishing his final laser session, David had lost nearly thirteen inches off of his waist. He’d lost all but three of the thirty pounds it had taken him fifteen years to gain. David had met his goals, he’d made himself healthier over the course of only a few weeks—and he’d seen a return on the investment he’d made in himself.

But somehow, David wasn’t out of the woods quite yet.

David had completed the Chirothin. He had increased his calorie intake to shift his body out of losing mode and into maintenance mode. Almost immediately, though, David’s extra weight threatened to make a reappearance. It began to fluctuate, bouncing up, then down, unexpectedly.

Unwilling to let his hard work go to waste, David took action. He continued to meet with Dr. Shropshire after his six-week stint on the program, and explored tools to keep his body at the new weight he’d worked so hard to achieve.

David discovered the Lose It! app, where he started monitoring the content of his food, and continued to track what he ate each day. He warns, though, that learning what your body needs to maintain a healthy weight isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. It takes time to discover the specific amount your body needs. “According to the Chirothin, for me to maintain weight, I can have about three thousand calories—which is a lot,” David explained. “According to [the Lose It!] app, I can have twenty-eight hundred. I’ve found that if I wanna stay close to maintaining weight, I need to be in the two-thousand twenty-two hundred calorie range.”

Now David feels like his weight is staying more consistent. He’s tailoring how much he eats to his dwindling weight fluctuations from week to week, and has found his way to back to his post-Chirothin success. “I actually lost a pound from yesterday,” David said, “and that was with two Bloody Marys at breakfast—but I counted for it.”

Twenty-seven pounds lighter, with almost thirteen inches off his midsection, and more aware of what he eats, David has more energy. When he visited us last, he’d gone shopping for a new shirt, a new blazer, and at our prompting, David stepped back to show off a brand new belt.

In February, it’ll be time for David to get his blood retested for the wellness program that brought him to Evolution Body Transformation. “It’ll be interesting to see,” David shared. “I know my blood pressure’s good—which it didn’t use to be.”

We have a sneaking suspicion that David will be a lot healthier than when he stopped in to say “hi” at the end of October—and he’ll have the inside scoop on just what it takes to get everyone to their goals the next time it’s wellness program season.

Congratulations, David!!

Are you struggling to get rid of unwanted weight? We’re here to help! Call us at 608-274-2225 to learn more about the Chirothin program and the other treatments that helped David reach his goals.


It has finally arrived!

Last week, Evolution Body Transformation was elated to be one of the very first spas to receive Venus Concept’s newest innovation: Venus Skin. In our last few blog posts, we’ve talked a lot about the changing season’s effect on your skin, and about what Evolution can do to keep your skin at its best all year long. We’ve also talked before about the concept of beauty as an investment in yourself.

To understand how truly instrumental the Venus skin care line is to maintaining beauty, think about building yourself a brand new home. It has everything you’ve ever dreamed of: a sparkling kitchen, an open, cozy family room, space for a quaint little garden in the back (and of course your bedroom is fabulous).

You’ve made an investment, and worked hard for it. Obviously you want insurance for your home—after all, any number of things could happen to it. You could experience a natural disaster, or put a blanket too close to a space heater and set your cozy family room ablaze. You want to know that no matter what happens, the hard-earned investment you’ve put into your home is protected.

In a lot of ways, your body is as much a home as your house. When you eat well, exercise, and care for your skin, you’re slowly but surely making hard-earned investments in your body. And when you do, you want to make sure those investments are protected.

Let’s say you’re doing everything right. You’re fitting enzymes into your diet and eating well. You’re getting sleep. Recently you’ve begun visiting Evolution Body Transformation for a microdermabrasion every other week. Maybe you’re even treating yourself to weekly sessions with the Venus Legacy. As you’d hoped, you’ve reached your biggest beauty goals, and you look great. You’ve made an investment in yourself.

But life is going to happen. You’ll experience stressors that will throw your body—and your skin—out of wack. You’ll age. You’ll spend long days exposed to dry, cold winds or out in the damaging rays of the sun. Even gravity is working against you. Like the insurance you buy to combat all the potential risks to your home, Venus Skin is the insurance to the investments you make in yourself. Its job is to make sure that all the time and money you’ve spent to reach your beauty goals isn’t lost.

Let’s take a moment to look at the Venus Skin Anti-Aging Kit. Its Efface Serum is powered by anti-oxidants that keep your skin firm and healthy. Wrinkle-attacking peptides keep fine lines and redness at bay. Potent Vitamin C works in the formula to protect and nourish your skin’s collagen, the key to youthful, beautiful skin.

But as important as maintenance is to beauty, and as important as insurance is for any investment, it typically can’t make that investment better just by ensuring its safety. That’s where Venus Skin goes above and beyond: in 28 days, the anti-aging kit can increase the firmness of your skin by 18 percent. It can be used anywhere for spot treatments to your most demanding areas.

Broken down into specialized kits that meet the needs of your individual skin, the Venus skin care line can preserve youthful, clear skin while combatting additional skin problems, including unwanted pigmentation, and even severe acne. Consider the Gly Resurfacer, part of the Venus Skin acne and pigmentation kit. It contains a lightweight, exfoliating lotion that uses 20 percent glycolic and lactic acid levels to achieve 72 percent acne reduction and 76 percent shine reduction.

So do you want insurance for your beauty investment that both improves and protects? Learn even more about Venus Skin. Give us a call at 608-274-2225 to schedule a free consultation with Angela, our skin expert, or schedule one online at

To read about another Venus Concept service Evolution Body Transformation offers, check out our post on the Venus Legacy!

Pumpkin Facial Skin Treatment for the HolidaysIt’s that time of year again—the air has a chill, the leaves are falling…and pumpkins are everywhere.

Everyone’s favorite squash is a staple of fall celebration and nostalgia, going back hundreds of years. It all started in Central America, where the pumpkin was crucial to Native American peoples who would use the fruits to fashion mats, or cook strips of its flesh over the fire. They even used it for some of the earliest American forms of sustainable agriculture, making it provide a safe little home for shallow maize roots and letting it naturally tell weeds to get out of town. Who knew?

European colonists thought it was pretty nifty, too, experimenting with the predecessor of the classic pumpkin pie when they filled the empty gourds with milk, honey, and a few choice spices. From there, the pumpkin quickly nestled itself comfortably into American and European culture. After all, who can think of Cinderella without remembering her famous carriage, made from—you guessed it—a pumpkin? And what would Halloween be without sinister jack-o-lanterns, casting eerie shadows on your neighbor’s creepy Victorian Era porch?

So the humble pumpkin has become surrounded in mythos and fairytale, tradition and culture. The big, iconic squashes have a lot going for them, honestly.

But what’s the actual magic behind the pumpkin?

All delicious pie and pumpkin spice lattes aside, you’re not gonna scare away any evil spirits with a face carved into what’s essentially nature’s bright orange beach ball. You probably can’t turn it into a reliable form of transportation, either.

You can, however, boost and replenish the health of your skin, just in time for all that dry, damaging autumn air.

Early Native Americans had the right idea when they decided to incorporate the pumpkin into their fall diets—the squashes are loaded with nutrients; in particular, beta carotene. Beta carotene does wonders for the body, converting to vitamin A during digestion. In the process, the nutrient cuts the risk for a variety of different cancers and shields the body against heart disease. It also allows you to enter into a graceful old age, denying the advance of any age-related degenerative diseases.

On the skin, the pumpkin can work just as much magic. That’s why, through the fall season, Evolution Body Transformation is offering the wonder-squash as our newest treatment: the pumpkin facial! In our last blog post, we talked about just what it is about enzymes that make them so crucial to our health and beauty, and here they are once again, making an important appearance in this treatment as well. Infused with the festive scent of pumpkin and the refreshing citrus of orange, the pumpkin facial is a highly effective enzyme treatment that dives deep into your skin to provide full rejuvenation through exfoliation and immediate tightening that adds a warm, healthy glow free of dark pigmentation brought on by the advent of old age. So not only does the pumpkin fight age from the inside, stopping disease in its tracks, it eliminates signs of age in the skin.

The benefits of a pumpkin facial aren’t limited to anti-aging, either. Fighting a losing battle with acne? You can probably deliver a pretty devastating blow to the enemy troops with the pumpkin facial’s deep epidermal cleanse that purges pore linings and repels acne-causing bacteria from the skin. Even if you’re suffering from run-of-the-mill dehydrated autumn skin that’s dull and falling just short of that normal healthy glow, the real-life magic of the pumpkin can get you there.

So what do you say? …Pumpkin facial, anyone?

To schedule, give us a holler at 608-274-2225, or make your own appointment by going online to

Just a few weeks ago, Evolution Body Transformation welcomed an anticipated addition to our product selection—and it’s a key stepping stone on the path to health and beauty that your body may have been missing out on for years.

Like so many quirks and quibbles of the body, it all starts with our meals. We all ask that legendary question: “Well, what are you eating?” And we all function on that same basic assumption that if you eat well, you feel well. If you don’t eat well, you feel like poor old Atlas from Greek myth, bearing all the weight of the world on your shoulders—except probably without that killer bod.

The truth is, even when we do eat well, we still get headaches, joint aches, and heart burn. We feel down and depressed—even anxious as we stumble through the day-to-day stressors of our jobs, our families, and our responsibilities.

So what’s going wrong? If we eat well, we should feel well. Right?

Well, it’s important to understand that we’re not asking the wrong question—we need to find ways to fit those lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains into that brown paper bag we rush out of the house with every morning. We need that apple (or five) a day to keep the doctor away. But what’s going wrong lies in the fact that we just aren’t asking enough. Everyone knows to question the contents of their diet. There’s another important question, though, that we aren’t asking:

“Are those five apples I just ate getting to where they need to go?”

Most of us have never even given it a thought. It’s always seemed so simple: if the nutrients go into your body, they must do their job. Unfortunately, that’s just not always the case.

That’s where Evolution Body Transformation can help you start building a strong foundation for your health, one that will let you reach your beauty goals the right way: by giving your body everything it needs to confidently carry all the weight of your day, rock that world on your shoulders, and look awesome doing it.

The key to it all is a healthy dose of enzymes. You’ve likely heard the word before, but what exactly are enzymes? To really understand, we’ll start with Dr. Howard F. Loomis, who has brought the idea of food enzymes into the healthcare spotlight through extensive lecturing since 1985.

Dr. Loomis starts us off with the idea that we shouldn’t be constantly attempting to cure diseases. Instead, we need to be working on maintaining our health. In other words, we need to stop trying to stamp out the fires and, instead, find those shorted wires that are causing them in the first place. It’s likely, Dr. Loomis would argue, that the thing that shorted those wires in the first place had something to do with lacking nutrition, and by extension, food enzymes.

Building off the work of Dr. Edward Howell, Loomis explains that we all experience stress: that guy at the office who has an annoying habit of audibly chewing gum—and leaving it in the parking lot for you to step in. The cell phone bills you swear are actually producing offspring together on your kitchen counter. Stress on the body can even come in the form of that unfortunate, extra-grease pizza you had for dinner the fourth night in a row, or the crappy metabolism your grandma gave you.

To combat the stress caused by Mr. Audible Gum-Chewer and company, we need a steady delivery of nutrients that will allow us to stay healthy. But as we discovered earlier, we can be eating a healthy and balanced diet…and still not feel well. This is because we probably aren’t digesting all that healthy food adequately. That’s why food enzymes are so important to our wellbeing.

Enzymes, once inherently present in our diets, have slipped out of foods as we’ve moved toward a more processed system of food production. It means they’ve gotten harder and harder to squeeze into our daily routine, and it also means that our basic health is suffering. Without enzymes, those nutrients we need to cope with stress from work, our less-than-healthy habits, or problems our genes dictate, simply can’t get to where they need to go. When that happens, we get those shorted wires. Fires start and, basically, we feel like crap.

Enzymes work by correcting common digestive problems that cut off that delivery of much-needed nutrients, reducing unhealthy cravings by nourishing and rejuvenating our bodies and allowing an anticipated stream of protein, carbs, and lipids. And when our bodies are getting those proteins, carbs, and lipids, we can respond well to stress. Our bodies can regain that all-over health that we crave, and all those little fires that were once raging are put out at the source, the shorted wires now thoroughly repaired.

Evolution Body Transformation now offers a variety of dietary enzymes, tailored to fit your body’s individual digestive faults and help you power through your day to day stressors.

Beauty begins with health. Take the next step in your wellness journey, and come in for a free consultation with Dr. Stacy Shropshire today. Call 608-274-2225, or schedule an appointment online at

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