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This month at Evolution Body Transformation, we’re stepping up our game in time to meet all your spring vacation beauty needs. Whether you’re escaping to a land of white sand and sunshine, or you’re stuck in the Wisconsin snow drift for the long haul, we’ve got everything you need to keep your skin fresh, glowing, and fabulous through the last legs of the driest, most skin-damaging time of the year.

Let’s start with one treatment we offer here—the chemical peel—and what it is about chemical peels in general that makes them so beneficial for our skin.

Like microdermabrasion, chemical peels work to remove the outermost layer of your skin. Why? Well because it’s dead. At any given time, your face is coated in those deceased skin cells. They accumulate dirt and hold on to toxins and impurities. After all, nothing gets into you without first brushing up against, and often sinking into, your skin. That layer of gunk clogs pores, and it also prevents the healthy molecules and nutrients of moisturizers and other skincare products from getting where they need to go. When you use microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, you’re clearing away all that unhealthy build-up and allowing nutrients to penetrate deep into your skin to repair damage, stimulate healthy processes, and cleanse.

But unlike microdermabrasion, a chemical peel dives deeper into the epidermis, creating a clearer pathway for moisturizers and nutrients.

Enter the NEO•PEEL.

An upgrade from our previous treatments, the NEO•PEEL is a medical grade peel that was developed from years of research on the inner workings of new, healthy skin. That means its active ingredients aren’t drops in a sea of otherwise useless add-ins and fillers. Instead they make up the bulk of the peel, packing enough power to make a drastic change in your skin’s health and appearance.

The NEO•PEEL also adds lactic acid into the mix.

For years, dermatologists and skincare companies moved away from lactic acid as an active ingredient in their skincare products, putting it on the sidelines in favor of glycolic. But recent science has revived lactic acid as the queen of skin improvement and health. It’s your body’s natural alarm system, calling in the medics whenever you get an injury that needs to start healing.

Imagine you take a trip to the gym. You go all out: tread-mill, weights, yoga, and to top it all off, you finish with Pilates. You leave feeling extremely sore—you can’t even lift an arm without a pinching and stinging in your muscles begging you to be stiff as a statue for the next three weeks. That’s lactic acid you’re feeling. When you work out, you’re actually breaking down your muscles and tearing them. Lactic acid tells your body that it’s time to heal and create new, healthy muscle.

Lactic acid stimulates the same process as it removes that top layer of dead skin and toxins. It begins a healing reaction in your skin that brings forth healthier, newer, and brighter skin. A smaller molecule than glycolic acid, lactic acid also penetrates deeper and allows nutrients and moisturizers to reach their full potential in your skin.

Sensitive skin? Never had a chemical peel? The NEO•PEEL is remarkably gentle, and requires no down time. Whether you’re planning to look fabulous over spring break, or you want to protect your skin from the dry Wisconsin air, this peel is a good place to start. Give us a call at 608-274-2225 to see what the NEO•PEEL can do for you!

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