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Ideal Protein FoodOur Chirothin weight loss program has been tried-and-true from the moment we introduced it to our clinic.

If you’ve been following the blog, you know David’s story. Over six weeks, David banished thirty pounds that had taken more than fifteen years to accumulate.

Then there’s Mary Ellen, our most recent Chirothin success. Over Chirothin’s six week regimen, Mary Ellen lost an astounding twenty pounds. “I’ve lost a bunch of inches and I met my goal on weight loss,” Mary Ellen expounded when we spoke to her at the completion of her program. “I’m eating healthier than I ever have in my life.”

Check out Mary Ellen’s testimonial here.

At Evolution Body Transformation, we take our patients, and the goals that each of them are pursuing, seriously. We’re all about the new and the innovative, but there’s no advantage to fixing a system that just isn’t broken if it won’t bring the absolute best for our patients. You can imagine what a big decision it was to bring a whole new weight loss program into the mix.

But Ideal Protein made the cut.

With more than twenty years under its belt, the Ideal Protein is a seasoned program. It was developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD PhD, a specialist in research on nutrition, obesity, and its related issues. Dr. Tran was dedicated to designing a program that delivered consistent, scientifically proven results. He wanted a program that was easy to follow, and possible to carry out over the long term.

The crux is this: lose weight, retain muscle mass. For many people, losing weight means eating better, and eating better means eating a “balanced” diet. Well here’s the thing: when we’re eating a truly balanced diet, we’re not gaining weight, and we’re not losing it. The problem is that, in any weight loss scenario, you’ve got to create an imbalance in your diet in order to drop extra pounds.

Now, we all know that not all foods were created equal in the world of weight loss. Take an apple, for instance. It’s packed with nutrients, but it might very well keep that extra tummy tire exactly where it’s been for the last five years. Eat a barrel of cucumbers, though, and you could get a slimmer waistline out of the deal. Why? Well the apple is a carbohydrate. When your body needs energy, it’ll draw on your body’s recently consumed simple and complex carbs first, and it’ll ignore your body’s store of fat.

So we diet by taking away the fuels that our body burns most readily. We pull the apple and its friends out of the mix. Instead, we eat more cucumbers. We don’t give our bodies any new carbohydrates to break down for energy.

So then what happens?

Our bodies go after what we already have: fat and, unfortunately, muscle. That’s where Ideal Protein steps in. It works in four doctor-supervised phases that stabilize pancreas and blood sugar levels. At the same time that your body’s burning fat, the Ideal Protein is helping your body preserve muscle. Why is that important? Well, your muscle mass is your body’s natural fat and calorie-burning engine. The more muscle you lose, the more fat your body stores.

“My favorite thing about Ideal Protein is that I don’t have to think about what I’m having for breakfast or what I’m having for lunch; it’s already planned out for me,” says Angela, our skin care expert here at Evolution Body Transformation. She’s been on the Ideal Protein for two weeks now. Splitting her time between Evolution and Cost Cutters, Angela has got her hands full. A girl on the go, she loves that the Ideal Protein is so accessible. “With this, you already have the food, so it’s a lot less preparation for the week.”

As it turns out, the Ideal Protein meshes well with a busy lifestyle; Angela has already started seeing results: “I’ve lost eight and a half pounds in two weeks and five and a half inches…I’ve lasted longer on this one than the Chirothin because it has the food that I can just grab and go with.”

But the easy, grab-and-go set-up isn’t all that the Ideal Protein offers: “There’s a lot of support online, too,” she points out. “There’s a lot of Facebook pages…You can ask questions about recipes. If you’re having a bad day there’s always someone there who can motivate you if you can’t get in to see the doctor.”

Angela recommends a page called ‘Ideal Protein Supporters Phase 1 Group’ on Facebook.

Angela’s optimistic about the months ahead. She says she can see herself meeting and maintaining her goal weight on the diet. But for now she’s excited to try some of the mixing and matching tricks she’s learned from fellow Ideal Protein eaters: “I want to make oven-baked pickles, and you can make oven-baked zucchini chips! That’s what I’m most looking forward to.”

Good luck, Angela, and keep spreading the good news!

Want more info on the Ideal Protein? Come to our second informational seminar, coming soon on April 6th at 6:00pm! Give us a call at 608-274-2225 to RSVP!



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