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Oxygen ElementOxygen is an amazing element.

This all-important eighth guest at the periodic table sustains most of the terrestrial life on earth, making respiration possible and forming an essential building block of life-giving water. And it’s part of our planet’s outer crust, too, existing in various compounds that make up fifty percent of its mass. Even our sun owes .9 percent of its mass to oxygen.

Simply put, the world as we know it wouldn’t (and couldn’t) exist without it. But it’s not just about existing—oxygen allows people to thrive.

Beautiful Girl Looking In The MirrorIt’s not a new concept. Since the element’s discovery in 1772, people have acknowledged oxygen’s extra beneficial qualities. Joseph Priestley found, in 1774, that mice surrounded by higher concentrations of the gas had more energy and longer lives. A couple hundred years later, modern alternative medicine has furthered these claims, putting forth the idea that oxygen enhances health and well-being in humans, improving our immune system, our concentration, and even reducing stress.

It might not be surprising, then, that oxygen has become one of the newest innovations in skincare.

With origins in the Outback, the oxygen facial emerged in the U.S. in 2006. Since then, it’s only grown in popularity, helped along once icons of the beauty industry realized just how much of a difference an oxygen facial regimen could have on the youth and radiance of skin—particularly under new scrutiny imposed by the advent of HD TV. With every wrinkle and imperfection showcased for the world to see, oxygen picked up the skincare mantle—and even Madonna was on board.

Now at this point you’re probably pretty curious. After all…how exactly do you use oxygen as skincare? Well, it’s a good question.

The answer: the O2 Lift from Image Skincare, and it’s coming soon to Evolution Body Transformation.

The O2 Lift basically boils down to pure oxygen at high pressure, combined with everything your skin needs in a five-step process that releases healthy but buried skin. After cleansing away makeup, the O2 Lift utilizes fruit enzymes to exfoliate. By the completion of this stage, your old and dead skin is long gone. The lift’s unique masque oxygenates and moisturizes for instantly fuller, plumper, younger skin. Once oxygenated, skin easily absorbs age-reversing plant stem cells and antioxidants, ensuring that the dead and damaged cells which were removed only minutes earlier have a hard time making another appearance.

In under an hour, Image’s O2 Lift leaves you with skin that’s not only fuller, but smoother–and without the splotches and imperfections other treatments can leave behind. You’re free to reapply makeup right away, and we guarantee it’ll glide on like air.

So if you’re looking for some fresh air, why not bring some to your skin, too?

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