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Pumpkin Facial Skin Treatment for the HolidaysIt’s that time of year again—the air has a chill, the leaves are falling…and pumpkins are everywhere.

Everyone’s favorite squash is a staple of fall celebration and nostalgia, going back hundreds of years. It all started in Central America, where the pumpkin was crucial to Native American peoples who would use the fruits to fashion mats, or cook strips of its flesh over the fire. They even used it for some of the earliest American forms of sustainable agriculture, making it provide a safe little home for shallow maize roots and letting it naturally tell weeds to get out of town. Who knew?

European colonists thought it was pretty nifty, too, experimenting with the predecessor of the classic pumpkin pie when they filled the empty gourds with milk, honey, and a few choice spices. From there, the pumpkin quickly nestled itself comfortably into American and European culture. After all, who can think of Cinderella without remembering her famous carriage, made from—you guessed it—a pumpkin? And what would Halloween be without sinister jack-o-lanterns, casting eerie shadows on your neighbor’s creepy Victorian Era porch?

So the humble pumpkin has become surrounded in mythos and fairytale, tradition and culture. The big, iconic squashes have a lot going for them, honestly.

But what’s the actual magic behind the pumpkin?

All delicious pie and pumpkin spice lattes aside, you’re not gonna scare away any evil spirits with a face carved into what’s essentially nature’s bright orange beach ball. You probably can’t turn it into a reliable form of transportation, either.

You can, however, boost and replenish the health of your skin, just in time for all that dry, damaging autumn air.

Early Native Americans had the right idea when they decided to incorporate the pumpkin into their fall diets—the squashes are loaded with nutrients; in particular, beta carotene. Beta carotene does wonders for the body, converting to vitamin A during digestion. In the process, the nutrient cuts the risk for a variety of different cancers and shields the body against heart disease. It also allows you to enter into a graceful old age, denying the advance of any age-related degenerative diseases.

On the skin, the pumpkin can work just as much magic. That’s why, through the fall season, Evolution Body Transformation is offering the wonder-squash as our newest treatment: the pumpkin facial! In our last blog post, we talked about just what it is about enzymes that make them so crucial to our health and beauty, and here they are once again, making an important appearance in this treatment as well. Infused with the festive scent of pumpkin and the refreshing citrus of orange, the pumpkin facial is a highly effective enzyme treatment that dives deep into your skin to provide full rejuvenation through exfoliation and immediate tightening that adds a warm, healthy glow free of dark pigmentation brought on by the advent of old age. So not only does the pumpkin fight age from the inside, stopping disease in its tracks, it eliminates signs of age in the skin.

The benefits of a pumpkin facial aren’t limited to anti-aging, either. Fighting a losing battle with acne? You can probably deliver a pretty devastating blow to the enemy troops with the pumpkin facial’s deep epidermal cleanse that purges pore linings and repels acne-causing bacteria from the skin. Even if you’re suffering from run-of-the-mill dehydrated autumn skin that’s dull and falling just short of that normal healthy glow, the real-life magic of the pumpkin can get you there.

So what do you say? …Pumpkin facial, anyone?

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