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ladies nightEvery once in a while, you need a good, old-fashioned night out with the ladies.

Back in February, Evolution Body Transformation broke ground with our first ever Ladies’ Night of Indulgence. Firm believers in the sanctity of well-deserved girl time, we busted out our best deals of the season. We had our Vevazz laser-like lipo machines blazing, and our Venus eye-brightening treatments generated a booked out schedule from start to finish—all for free. We talked about the benefits of essential oils, and our company rep from Neocutis came to match each lady with the right take-home skincare package for her unique skin.

Possibly the best of all was our 20% off any package deal, which included our body wraps, skincare products, and yes…even sessions on our Venus Legacy aesthetic workstation.

Combined with delicious hors d’oeuvres and delectable drinks, it was a night to remember.

Now it’s back by popular demand, Wednesday, April 29th with hours from 4:00 to 7:00. Can’t make it at 4:00? That’s fine! Drop in any time during the evening.

Here’s what’s up for grabs for all our favorite ladies (we’re lookin’ at you!):

Upgrade any Laser-Like Lipo Package

Bought a package of one-zone lasers, but you’d like to see inch loss in two different areas? Come to our ladies night, and you can purchase sessions on our two-zone laser for the price of our one-zone! That’s ­more than thirty dollars saved every session! I mean, really? How could you pass that up?

Schedule a Free Microdermabrasion 

Come to our ladies’ night, and you’ll get to schedule a free microdermabrasion treatment just for walking in the door. We can see your skin getting smoother already!

20% Off Skincare Products, Venus Sessions, Body Wraps, and Gift Cards

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. If you purchase any of our medical-grade skincare products, you’ll get them at 20% off. If you purchase a Venus Legacy package, you will receive it at 20% below normal price (that’s a $400 savings for many Venus packages). Like relaxing with our M’Lis, Bioslimming, and Thermo-Jet Infrared wraps? Get them cheaper than you’ll ever get them again. And if you’ve got a flood of spring birthdays coming up among family and friends, think gift cards. These are 20% off, too—only at Ladies’ Night!

So at this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself: “How could the ladies at Evolution make this evening any more fabulous? What more could they possibly have up their fancy sleeves?!”


We’re ecstatic to be welcoming one of our very own special ladies for the evening to present Perfectly Posh products. If you’re all about cute, girly, and healthy natural products, this is the brand for you! Come check them out.

We’re also really excited to welcome Michelle Quelle with her very own line of gorgeous jewelry.

And don’t forget: when you RSVP, you’ll get first dibs on our FREE TREATMENTS running throughout the evening. Spots are just about filled, so reserve your free sessions sooner rather than later!

We all need an evening off sometimes—so come kick it with us!! We want to see your beautiful face!

Call to RSVP at 608-274-2225. No answer? Just leave a voice mail, and we’ll call to confirm your free treatment.

See you there!


Since the end of last year, Evolution Body Transformation has been the only provider of the cutting-edge Venus Legacy system in the state of Wisconsin.

“There aren’t a lot of clinics that are doing the work that we’re doing,” says Evolution Body Transformation owner Dr. Stacy Shropshire, D.C., as she tells the story of how the ground-breaking procedure came to the spa and clinic. “I really tried to figure out great strategies and great innovations to get people to reach their health goals as quickly as possible. So I just started calling other doctors who were using these technologies, and I just was like, ‘Hey, my name is Dr. Shropshire and I’m doing what you’re doing…let’s be friends!’”

That’s how Dr. Shropshire found herself in Milwaukee, where she first tried the procedure herself. “I really couldn’t get it out of my mind. I knew it would be a great fit for what we were trying to accomplish. I’ve seen all these pictures of happy people holding up these big pairs of jeans…and yet many have a lot of loose skin. I was really determined to make sure for our clients, as they lost weight…that wouldn’t be an issue.”

To make her vision a reality, Dr. Shropshire turned to the procedure’s creators, Venus Concept. Led by executives in the vanguard of medical aesthetic technological innovation, the Venus Concept team has more than fifteen years of beauty experience under their belts.

After time, talks with the experts, and a lot of research, Dr. Shropshire finally introduced the Venus Freeze Aesthetic Workstation to Evolution Body Transformation. “We have a large population of people coming in for cellulite,” Dr. Shropshire continued, explaining her choice of the Venus system for Evolution Body Transformation. “Cellulite is a really tricky animal to deal with and the Venus is the best thing I could find in my research for dealing with cellulite. It’s been clinically proven to reduce cellulite by one grade.”

Unlike many other existing treatments that clinics offer for cellulite and loose skin reduction, Venus treatments are also entirely pain-free. “There is a even a plastic surgery procedure to deal with [cellulite] that doesn’t have very good outcomes,” says Dr. Shropshire.

The Venus system is non-invasive. It’s a procedure that lets patients come and go with no lingering ill effects—you can have a Venus treatment, then get some groceries and pick your kids up from school. The Venus allows you to take those extra steps toward feeling your most beautiful without halting your life to reach those goals. “People who have had it done report that it’s very comfortable—I can’t think of anyone that didn’t enjoy the experience,” adds Dr. Shropshire.

“I have another friend in Chicago who got the machine just a couple months before I did,” Dr. Shropshire continued. “She, too, was noticing terrific…really, really great outcomes with it. So I’ve actually convinced two of my [other] friends to get the machine. I’ve been really pleased with it.”

And the innovation doesn’t stop there. Within three months of bringing the Venus Freeze to the clinic, Dr. Shropshire saw the technology’s potential and upgraded to the newer model.

“I’m really excited about upgrading to the [Venus] Legacy,” says Dr. Shropshire, introducing one of Evolution Body Transformation’s newest additions. “We originally just had the Venus Freeze. It didn’t have the suction involved. The suction component  is really nice because we can get deeper into the body.  It’s a lot more comfortable for people because the suction breaks up the heat sensation.”

Why not experience the Venus Legacy for yourself? Call 608-274-2225 to schedule your own free consultation with Dr. Stacy Shropshire, or visit to schedule your free consultation online!

And the beauty opportunities are always coming your way! Stay tuned for Evolution Body Transformation’s release of the Venus skin care line, coming soon!

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