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In a previous article, Liz’ Surprising Experience with Laser-Like Lipo, Part 1, we had a heart-to-heart talk with Liz about her roller-coaster experience with weight and her amazing results with Laser-Like Lipo at Evolution Body Transformation, a medical spa in Madison.

At 23, Liz was 75 pounds overweight and engaged to be married. One day she had an epiphany about her weight. She made a commitment to lose those 75 pounds before her wedding day, and she did it! She was a beautiful, slender bride thanks to healthy eating and exercise.

Life-Changing Complications

Life was exciting for the newlyweds, especially when Liz learned she was pregnant. She was confident she could handle pregnancy without gaining too much weight. Unfortunately, she was soon facing a complication which quickly undermined all her hard work. Read more about it in Part 1 of Liz’ story.

By the time she came to Evolution Body Transformation in early 2014, Liz had lost 60 of those original 75 pounds for the second time. She was looking good and feeling great. Despite losing 60 pounds, her thighs and buttocks stubbornly held on to more fat than the rest of her body.

She hoped that Evolution’s Laser-Like Lipo could solve her problem.

Laser-Like Lipo with the Vevazz

FDA-approved, the Vevazz Laser-Like Lipo Wrap is a painless, noninvasive treatment for achieving permanent inch loss and cellulite reduction in stubborn areas like buttocks, hips and thighs. Liz was skeptical, but she did it anyway. She signed up for five laser-like lipo sessions. “I was hoping they would work, and I was genuinely amazed at how well they worked!”

By the time Liz finished her fifth Vevazz treatment, she had lost a total of 10-1/2 inches in her buttocks and thighs—inches that don’t come back just because you drink a glass of water. It was truly lasting inch loss.

How Does the Laser-Like Lipo Feel?

First sessions: Dr. Stacy Shropshire, D.C., director of Evolution Body Transformation, began by measuring Liz at three precise points on her body. Then she placed 8 rectangular laser-like lipo paddles on her hips and thighs and secured them with Velcro straps. The entire treatment took 30 minutes. For the first seven minutes, Liz laid on a comfortable table.

“I laid there for several minutes,” Liz said. “I didn’t feel anything, no burning, no sensation whatsoever. I started to think it was a joke.”

After the seven-minute laser treatment, Liz stood on a platform that vibrated her entire body for 10 minutes. “It kind of tickled and made me laugh,” Liz said.

Liz learned that the light from the laser-like lipo padddles pass through your skin painlessly and stimulate fat cells beneath the skin to open. The vibration phase of the treatment activates the lymphatic system and assists the body to remove toxins stored in the fat cells.

After concluding the treatment, Dr. Shropshire told Liz to get 30 minutes of exercise that same day to help maximize the release of toxins. Even though Liz was still skeptical, she did the exercise. “Surprisingly, I had a ton of energy after the laser-like lipo treatment.”

After the third sessions, Liz began experiencing serious inch loss in her thighs. Her pants were fitting noticeably differently. She started telling her friends and family about her results.

By the end of the fifth laser-like, Liz was a true believer, sporting new slimmer thighs and buttocks with smoother skin and dramatically reduced cellulite.

A Successful Journey for Liz!

At her highest weight, Liz wore a 20W pant size. “Now I’m just a regular size 14!” she recently bragged. Vevazz Laser-Like Lipo was the final piece in her successful weight-loss/fitness journey.

Today Liz is slender, fit and active. She runs regularly and last time we talked, she was training for a grueling 5K race called the Warrior Dash. She’s also a certified Beach Body Coach.

“It’s funny,” Liz recalled, “I’ve spent seven years trying to get my body back into shape. I was so skeptical about the laser-like lipo. I wondered why more doctors weren’t recommending this approach. I wondered how a light beam could work,” she continued. “But I stuck to the treatment and it did work. It wasn’t a temporary fix. I was genuinely surprised at my awesome results!”

Liz offered a word of advice to women and men considering Vevazz Laser-Like Lipo.

“When the staff at Evolution Body Transformation tells you to drink more water or to do 30 minutes of exercise the same day as the wrap, do exactly what they tell you because your results will be the absolute best possible.”

Evolution Body Transformation, an innovative medical spa in Madison, WI, provides safe, non-invasive body shaping treatments and healthy weight loss systems for men and women. We are the exclusive provider of the revolutionary Chiro-Thin Weight Loss Program in Madison.

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