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Here’s the deal: we all know that being overweight is bad for our health.

The condition is linked to a number of chronic diseases like cancer, type two diabetes, and heart disease never before seen in the epidemic proportions they’re found in today.

Despite this knowledge, healthcare professionals still lack a useful measure of just how much excess weight affects our bodies as our BMI climbs higher. A recent study with findings published in December of last year has begun trying, though, and the results certainly aren’t comforting.

Dr. Steven Grover, et al. have developed a disease simulation model designed to estimate risk, year by year, of diabetes, heart disease, and death for people in four groups: ideal BMI, overweight, obese, and very obese. They used data from over three thousand participants of the same race. After running each projection, the team estimated the number of healthy years people lost, figuring out just how much time extra weight was cutting from their overall lifespan.

Here’s what they found: the more excess body weight you have, the more at risk you are for top chronic diseases, and the more years you lose. The study also found that young people experienced the most impact from obesity. In other words, years of life lost from excess weight decreased with age.

It broke down like this:

In older obese men, .8 years were lost on average. But for younger obese men, the average number grew to 5.9. In very obese older men, an average of .9 years were lost. In very obese younger men, the number jumped to 8.4 years lost. Results were nearly the same for women. Surprisingly, merely overweight lifespans were barely affected by extra pounds.

The research applies a new—and crucial—frame of reference for the effects of obesity on our bodies, but the search for knowledge on the subject certainly isn’t new.

In a 2010 study on obesity by researchers at the National Cancer institute, obese people were actually at higher risk of death. The study pooled data from 19 earlier obesity studies that included 1.46 million men and women who were between the ages of 19 and 84. During the ten-year study period, overweight women were 13 percent more likely to die when compared to women of healthy weight. Researchers found that likelihood of death increases with excess weight, much in the same way that years of life lost increases. As it turns out, moderately obese and severely obese women are 44 to 88 percent more likely to die.

It’s the same story all over again for men.

With summer well on its way, weight loss is on a lot of our minds. Meeting your goals and rocking that bikini just might give you a few more summers to enjoy, so maybe this is your year to slim down and secure a healthy future in the many, many summers to come.

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The team here at Evolution Body Transformation was lucky enough to meet David by surprise on a typical day toward the end of October. Dropping in to say hello, he visited our office from his own on the floor above. With introductions aside, he chatted animatedly with Dr. Shropshire, expressing an early interest in our services.

David returned for his initial consultation only a few weeks later.

The catalyst was a common one—the yearly wellness program David participates in at work. This year, David saw the program as a call to action: “I had metabolic syndrome in like three or four different categories…just barely high cholesterol. A little bit higher glucose. Nothing really bad, but all of them were elevated.”

David had fallen into an all-too-familiar habit. Since moving to the Madison area fifteen years earlier, David’s sedentary work requirements had allowed a steady two-pound weight gain with each passing year. Now, David found himself thirty pounds heavier than he wanted to be, and with possible health issues looming on the horizon.

Dr. Shropshire recommended the Chirothin weight loss program and a strict treatment regimen: nine laser-like lipo sessions that would focus his inch loss where he needed it most, and three Thermo-Jet infrared wraps to boost David’s metabolism, banish unhealthy stores of fat around his organs, and purge toxins.

With an open and talkative demeanor, David quickly became a friendly face in the building. He began following Dr. Shropshire’s individualized plan religiously, never failing to make an appointment, and staying well within Chirothin parameters. “I didn’t overeat any day. I didn’t miss any day. I took my drops on time, my pills for the breakfast—I never missed those.”

And David began seeing results right away. After three laser sessions, one Thermo-Jet wrap, and little more than two weeks on the Chirothin, David had dropped four inches from his midsection. He’d cut his weight gain, accumulated over fifteen years, in half. Elated, David shared changes he’d noticed, telling us his belts were no longer tight enough—he’d already needed to create new notches to accommodate his new, trimmer waistline.

The success continued. Six laser sessions in, and with all three Thermo-Jets completed, David waved goodbye to another four inches off his waistline. He was four weeks into the Chirothin program, and already twenty-two pounds lighter. With two-thirds of his extra weight gone, David had already exceeded the twenty-pound loss expected from the program. He’d done nothing more than follow the guidelines to a T.

When we sat down to discuss his success on the program, I asked David about the intense motivation that kept him so dedicated to Chirothin. Speaking from an honest perspective, David shared an anecdote: “I used to do martial arts all the time. Your black belt test usually costs several thousand dollars,” David explained. “Well, the idea is that it meant something to you. Most people don’t have money to throw away.”

David had made an investment in himself, and his determination to see a return paid off. After completing his sixth and final week on the program, and finishing his final laser session, David had lost nearly thirteen inches off of his waist. He’d lost all but three of the thirty pounds it had taken him fifteen years to gain. David had met his goals, he’d made himself healthier over the course of only a few weeks—and he’d seen a return on the investment he’d made in himself.

But somehow, David wasn’t out of the woods quite yet.

David had completed the Chirothin. He had increased his calorie intake to shift his body out of losing mode and into maintenance mode. Almost immediately, though, David’s extra weight threatened to make a reappearance. It began to fluctuate, bouncing up, then down, unexpectedly.

Unwilling to let his hard work go to waste, David took action. He continued to meet with Dr. Shropshire after his six-week stint on the program, and explored tools to keep his body at the new weight he’d worked so hard to achieve.

David discovered the Lose It! app, where he started monitoring the content of his food, and continued to track what he ate each day. He warns, though, that learning what your body needs to maintain a healthy weight isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. It takes time to discover the specific amount your body needs. “According to the Chirothin, for me to maintain weight, I can have about three thousand calories—which is a lot,” David explained. “According to [the Lose It!] app, I can have twenty-eight hundred. I’ve found that if I wanna stay close to maintaining weight, I need to be in the two-thousand twenty-two hundred calorie range.”

Now David feels like his weight is staying more consistent. He’s tailoring how much he eats to his dwindling weight fluctuations from week to week, and has found his way to back to his post-Chirothin success. “I actually lost a pound from yesterday,” David said, “and that was with two Bloody Marys at breakfast—but I counted for it.”

Twenty-seven pounds lighter, with almost thirteen inches off his midsection, and more aware of what he eats, David has more energy. When he visited us last, he’d gone shopping for a new shirt, a new blazer, and at our prompting, David stepped back to show off a brand new belt.

In February, it’ll be time for David to get his blood retested for the wellness program that brought him to Evolution Body Transformation. “It’ll be interesting to see,” David shared. “I know my blood pressure’s good—which it didn’t use to be.”

We have a sneaking suspicion that David will be a lot healthier than when he stopped in to say “hi” at the end of October—and he’ll have the inside scoop on just what it takes to get everyone to their goals the next time it’s wellness program season.

Congratulations, David!!

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Let’s be honest: the holidays do a number on our dieting plans. It can feel literally impossible to keep those lost pounds off as we enter a time of year when avoiding all of your favorite fatty and carb- filled foods pretty much turns you into a Scrooge. Fortunately for your spirits but unfortunately for your waistline, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more are coming over the river and through the woods faster than you think. Do you have what it takes to enjoy this holiday season without compromising your weight loss goals?

…If you answered “no,” we understand—you aren’t alone. It’s why Evolution Body Transformation is kicking off this holiday season by arming you with everything you need to come out unscathed. Here’s a list of five skinny tips that will warm your heart and preserve your waistline to get you through the rest of the year looking fabulous!

  1. Find a friend in My Fitness Pal.

Follow the link above to access everything the My Fitness Pal Blog has to offer. Designed to make being healthy the easiest part of your day, it’s packed with recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are between 200 and 400 calories. The folks at My Fitness Pal are all about food logging, too, which we think is a great way to stay aware of what you’re eating, and how it’s affecting your body. With this handy little tool, you can log all of the recipes you use from My Fitness Pal in the click of a button. Pretty cool, huh?

  1. Bring a holiday favorite straight to your own morning mug.

Who needs a $5 cup of coffee packed with your diet’s worst nightmares when you can have your favorite seasonal beverage the healthy way? This year the gals at Flavilicious Fitness are bringing you your very own recipe for the purest Pumpkin Spice Latte there is to offer. So toss that paper cup to the reindeer, grab some pumpkin puree, and get to it!

  1. Don’t get bogged down by staying “low-fat.”

We’ve been programmed to see fats in anything and immediately dive for the nearest bathtub-sized salad. But it’s important to remember that your body does need fats. Most of us, instead, are used to being encouraged to consume lots of whole grains. In fact, most of our “healthy” diet is supposed to consist of them. But consider this: wheat and grains quickly turn to sugar in our bodies. The resulting high blood sugar can lead to poor insulin sensitivity…a key reason why our bodies pack on the belly fat! So at this year’s holiday parties, try taking a step away from the whole grain dinner rolls and embrace that nutcracker! Nuts—like walnuts, almonds, and pecans—contain fats that’ll help regulate your body’s hormonal balance to get fat-burning hormones doing exactly what they’re meant to. Some other healthy fats include olive oil, fish, avocado, and even coconut oil, found in the pumpkin spice latte recipe above!

  1. Remember: fruit is your friend.

Never be afraid to whip out a classic fruit salad at your next holiday party. Many fruits aren’t just good for you, they’re perfect for reducing body fat. Take watermelon, for example. It’s got an 88% water and 12% fiber content that’ll help boost your liver and kidney function and make you feel full and satisfied after eating less food. You might also sprinkle some pomegranate into the mix. Pomegranate has all the fiber, Vitamin C, and water of watermelon, but its shape makes it good for nibbling—and slower eating, ensuring that your body’s getting more nutrition, but fewer calories out of the deal. Berries are also a great addition. They’re packed with B-Vitamins and antioxidants that help keep your blood sugar in check.

  1. Don’t take the YOU out of your holiday diet.

This may be our last tip, but it’s certainly not our least. With any diet, enjoying food and life this time of year can be a challenge. In many ways, the warmth and nostalgia of the holidays are brought to us in the form of our favorite foods. As personal trainer and entrepreneur Neghar Fonooni reminds us, there are plenty of foods and practices out there that are considered “healthy.” There are foods packed with vitamins and workouts that target all of your trouble spots. But when they bring you dread instead of joy, they just aren’t healthy for you. So eat those foods that will enrich your body and your spirit. If you don’t like coconut oil, remember…you don’t have to!

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