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Want to make sure you keep the amazing results from your Emsculpt Neo treatment? Evolve can help!

So, you had Emsculpt Neo and you’re loving your results! You love that you were able to eliminate the stubborn fat that never seemed to go away no matter how much you dieted and exercised. You love the fact that your muscle mass has increased and you’ve even seen an improvement in your loose skin! 

Now the question is, how do you maintain the results of your Emsculpt Neo? You definitely want to protect your investment and make sure that the great results of your body sculpting treatment last for years to come! 

That’s Where Evolve Comes In

When it comes to maintaining the results of your Emsculpt Neo, we highly recommend Evolve treatments! 

Evolve is a full-body remodeling treatment that works for muscle toning, body reshaping, and cellulite reduction. The Evolve targets specific areas of the body and strengthens and tones muscle in those difficult-to-tone areas. 

How Does Evolve Differ From Emsculpt Neo? 

Evolve is different from Emsculpt Neo in that it uses a different technology to treat the body. The Evolve uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate involuntary muscle contractions to tone and tighten the body. 

The Evolve treatment is fantastic for skin tightening after the Neo sessions and helps maintain that amazing muscle masss you gained with your Neo sessions. The Evolve can also target and reduce the appearance of cellulite which is something that isn’t targeted with Emsculpt Neo. 

Maintain With Evolve!

Regular monthly Evolve treatments after you complete your Emsculpt Neo treatments are a great way to ensure that your amazing results stick around for a long time! We love that you had great results with the Emsculpt Neo and while the treatment provides permanent fat removal, we want you to be able to keep your results forever and that will require a little help! That’s where Evolve comes in!

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