This blog is all about the Ideal Protein weight loss system! It walks you through the different phases of the program and explains how it works to help you lose weight and maintain it.

It’s officially 2022 and we all know what a new year means…

A Fresh Start!

There’s something extremely refreshing about the start of a brand new year because it feels like we’re all being handed a clean slate, a chance to start from scratch with new goals and dreams we’d like to accomplish.  

If you’re like so many others and have new year goals revolving around weight loss and getting into better shape, Ideal Protein could be the best option for you!

Where Do We Begin?

It’s no secret that losing weight is hard! Not only do you have break any bad habits you’ve developed like surviving off junk food or getting too little physical activity in your day, but you also have teach yourself which foods to eat and how much of them, what kind of workouts to do and how often, not to mention the little details that are easy to forget like drinking enough water and getting plenty of sleep!

It can be very intimidating knowing where and how to start a health journey, so it’s no wonder that most people quit their weight loss New Year’s resolutions just a few weeks in. Luckily, Ideal Protein is the perfect tool to give you everything that you need to reinvigorate your weightloss journey and to keep it off!

Ideal Protein works in phases, starting you at the beginning and then working you in slowly, teaching you how to measure and portion your food, and how to make adjustments to your favorite meals so that they promote weight loss! All the while, Dr. Stacy will be guiding you through, helping you with any struggles that might come your way and keeping you inspired and on track!

The IP Way

During the first phase of Ideal Protein, which is the Weight Loss Phase, we jumpstart your body’s fat-burning process, also known as ketosis, by limiting carbohydrate intake. During ketosis, the body mobilizes stored fat as its alternative energy source, causing you to lose weight quickly. You will stay in the Weight Loss Phase until you have reached your weight loss goal!

After you have reached your goal weight, the second phase, Stabilization, will begin. During Stabilization, your body will want to regain the weight that it has just lost, so this is a critical stage in which you have to re-learn how to properly fuel yourself with healthy foods so that you can keep the weight off. During a series of weekly follow-up sessions, we work with you to adjust your protein/fat/carbohydrate intake to effectively manage your appetite while maintaining your weight loss. 

The final phase, Maintenance, lasts for the first 12 months after Stabilization. During the Maintenance phase, you’ll keep using all of the tools you’ve learned during your Ideal Protein journey and maintain your healthy lifestyle while having occasional check-ins with Dr. Stacy in order to receive support and encouragement. We want you feel very comfortable maining your new lifestyle.  You are always welcome to reach out to us when you need help or support! We’re here to for you!

We Believe In You!

Losing weight is great a New Year’s Resolution to get you looking and feeling your best!   The time-tested Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method will help you lose weight and inches quickly and easily, and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term!

Ideal Protein is not only about losing weight. It’s about learning a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained and followed for years to come. With delicious recipes, easy strategies to help you organize your meals and great one-on-one support you will hit your goals!  When we’re healthy, we feel better and are happier.  At Evolution Body Transformation, we want you to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself for 2022 and beyond!

Book your appointment today & start your weight loss journey!

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