Get the clearest, freshest, brightest skin ever with IPL treatments at Evolution Body Transformation!

Summer is officially over and while we all had fun in the sun, you may have noticed that you walked away with some slight damage due to those intense rays! 

Sun damage can cause brown spots on the skin, premature aging, wrinkles, and rough and brittle skin texture! None of these things are fun to experience! We all want clear, beautiful, youthful-looking skin! So, how can we reverse the effects of sun damage? We’ve got the answer with the Venus Versa Photofacial! 

What is a Photofacial? 

The Photofacial, also referred to as IPL, is a treatment that uses Intense Pulsed Light to penetrate into the layers of the skin to minimize and eliminate the appearance of sun spots, age spots, rosacea, and scarring. The Venus Versa Photofacials help the skin produce more collagen which helps in the anti-aging process as well. 

How Does It Work? 

The treatment uses a variety of applicators with different modes of action to achieve the best results. During the treatment, the provider will use the device to target signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. The pulses from the light cause the blood vessels and collagen underneath the skin to tighten and which reduces the appearance of redness, brown spots, aging, and scarring. You will see amazing results in as little as three treatments! 

Is IPL Right for Me? 

IPL is a great treatment for anyone who struggles with brown spots or any kind of hyperpigmentation on the skin, aging, scarring, or enlarged pores. The treatment device contains a built-in cooling device that will cool your skin throughout the procedure so that you will feel comfortable the entire time! 

If you are curious about IPL and the Venus Versa Photofacial, the best thing to do is come in and speak to our expert provider, Megan. She will do a consultation and assessment of your skin, review your aesthetic goals with you, and we’ll create the perfect treatment plan for you! 

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