Are you ready for your CoolSculpting consultation? If you are not sure what to expect or even what questions to ask during your appointment, no need to worry.

Let’s get to know each other.

At the beginning of every consultation, we like to get to know YOU. We want you to feel well cared for and we need you to feel confident and secure. What better way to achieve that than getting to know each other? As medical professionals, we will need to ask some questions about your general health. This way we are aware of what we can or can’t do for your particular case. Your safety and efficacy of the treatment are our top priorities!  

Then we’ll talk about what are you looking for and which areas are you most concerned about for us to design a customized plan for you and your body. CoolSculpting is quite versatile and it covers a wide variety of needs, that’s why you and your aesthetic professional will decide on a treatment plan that will get you to your goal.

Once we know the areas you are interested in treating and you have told us how you feel and what you want, we move on to a physical examination. In a professional and judgment-free zone, we’ll not only talk about those areas, but we will measure them carefully to show you which applicators will be needed for each area.

With all the information gathered from the previous steps, we’ll build some treatment options and offer them to you. We’ll discuss your timeline, your budget and answer all of your questions. It’s essential you feel comfortable with your treatment plan and have a plan that can get the outstanding results you are looking for.

Decision taken, direction decided

Are you ready for the fun part? Now let’s set the date to start your treatment as soon as possible! Keep in mind it will take around an hour to treat each area you want to enhance, including any pre and post-treatment activities. Each CoolSculpting cycle is an average of 35 minutes.  And, depending on your particular treatment needs, we may do multiple cycles in a visit. Then, after the treatments, we massage the area(s) so you get optimal results. But don’t fret! We have a very nice and calming environment where you can relax, sleep, eat, watch some TV or even work. It’s all up to you!

As you know, CoolSculpting requires no downtime so, after each treatment you are good to go with no real activity restrictions. Regardless, you may feel a bit sore for a day or two and may want to postpone any strenuous activity to keep yourself in optimal conditions. However, we have some clients that complete a workout the same day as your treatment! The best thing to do is just to listen to your body and follow your gut.

Enjoy the results & stay mindful.

And last but not least, what’s next after the treatment is complete? While there are no specific post-treatment diet and exercise requirements, we always encourage our patients to maintain a balanced lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and a healthy diet. These patients see the best results from their body contouring investment. We also recommend drinking plenty of water to help your lymphatic system to dispose of all those fat cells that were just destroyed!

Remember, there is no better investment than the one you make for yourself. So, why not invest a tiny bit of your time to achieve your body goals?

Your body contouring consultation will take about half an hour. That is only 30 minutes to start a treatment that will boost your confidence getting you one step closer to feeling your best self. We promise to answer all of your questions and give you an honest assessment of how our treatments can help you reach your goals.  

What are you waiting for? Give us a call to schedule now. The process the body goes through to eliminate the fat cells does take a few months from start to finish. So let’s get you started on your body contouring journey right now! Get ready to rock the beach with your COOL silhouette.

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