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Pelvic floor health is essential for overall well-being, affecting bladder control, sexual function, and more.

Pelvic floor health is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of overall well-being. In this post, we’ll explore the power of healthy pelvic floor muscles, how to strengthen your pelvic floor with “Kegels,” and a new technology called Emsella which improves muscle strength rapidly. 

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that form a sling and support pelvic organs, help control bladder and bowel function, and contribute to sexual arousal and orgasm. Weak pelvic floor muscles can lead to incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse (when pelvic organs drop from their normal position), and even sexual dysfunction.

Urinary incontinence can severely limit an individual’s day-to-day life and be a great source of shame and stress. Urinary incontinence is actually a very common health problem affecting 200 million people worldwide. If you’re one of the many who struggle with urinary incontinence, it might seem like there isn’t any tangible solution that you’ve been able to find.

Lots of factors can contribute to a weakened pelvic floor, including pregnancy and childbirth, repetitive heavy lifting, obesity, chronic constipation, aging, or certain medical or neurological conditions. Fortunately, like any muscle, your pelvic floor responds well to strength training exercises. 

One pelvic floor exercise is the Kegel, named after Dr. Arnold Kegel. A Kegel is a simple clench-and-release that can be performed discreetly and added to your daily routine. Identify the muscles by imagining you’re trying to stop the flow of urine; the muscles you use to control your pee are your pelvic floor muscles.

Now that you know where to target, you can clench and release any time during the day, stopped at a red light in traffic, while you watch TV, or as part of your regular exercise routine. Aim for 10 sets of 3 repetitions daily; consistency is key.

Benefits of Kegel Exercises:

  • Improved bladder and bowel control: Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help prevent or reduce urinary and fecal incontinence.
  • Better sexual function: Strong pelvic floor muscles can lead to enhanced sexual arousal and orgasm.
  • Prevention of pelvic organ prolapse: A strong pelvic floor provides better support for the pelvic organs, reducing the risk of prolapse.

Imagine if you could do thousands of Kegels in just 30 minutes. You can do that with Emsella, A breakthrough technology that can rapidly improve pelvic floor health in just a few visits to your local medspa.  Emsella has revolutionized intimate health and wellness by providing a completely non-invasive option. 

One Emsella treatment is equivalent to 11,000 Kegels. Many users see benefits after just one session. Six sessions are recommended to see full benefits and dramatically improved pelvic floor health. The treatment can be done in just 30 minutes, fully clothed. 

Pelvic floor health is essential for overall well-being. Kegel exercises are a simple and effective way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and prevent pelvic floor dysfunction. The Emsella chair can deliver up to 11,000 Kegels in under 30 minutes for rapid improvement. Whether you book a treatment or add Kegels to your daily routine, improving pelvic floor strength can improve bladder and bowel control, enhance sexual function, and reduce the risk of pelvic organ prolapse. 

Take control of your pelvic health today by starting a regular Kegel exercise routine or booking an Emsella consultation today.

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Pelvic floor health is essential for overall well-being, affecting bladder control, sexual function, and more.

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