We see plenty of healthy people struggle with stubborn bulges of fat. As health coaches, we know and understand the struggle, and want to help you get rid of these bulges for good!

Most people know that stubborn fat is a total nuisance for our body goals. We see plenty of people with impeccable healthy habits coming through our door struggling with a muffin top, love handles, back fat, double chin, and many other trouble spots where bulges just won’t come out even though you are a fitness person. As health coaches, we know & understand the struggle! And we want to help you build a safe and reliable fitness journey to say goodbye to stubborn fat for good! Let us introduce you to our favorite 3 Benefits of CoolSculpting You Will Love and why you want to get your treatment NOW! 

  1. Non-Invasive + No Downtime

Maybe you’ve caught word that there’s a permanent fat reduction treatment that’s non-surgical & implies no-downtime, and believe it or not, it is true! And it’s not magic; it’s CoolSculpting. We are talking about no needles or scars over your skin but with outstanding results for your silhouette! It works by placing a roll of fat into two panels that cool the fat to a freezing temperature. After a few weeks, your body will naturally get rid of the frozen, dead fat cells, and you will see your silhouette enhanced, within 3 months after you complete the treatment! As easy as coming to your scheduled procedures & going back to do your daily business with little to none side-effects! 

  1. Tailored treatments with targeted fat.

You already went all the way through getting your ideal weight, and now you are just missing the final touches here and there.  CoolSculpting is designed thinking about how every single body is different. We use a wide array of applicators, each sized to achieve optimal results in specific areas according to your desires. The applicator we use will depend on your body shape and the area or areas you want to treat. Want to take a look at our most popular CoolSculpting treatments?  

  • Upper or lower abdomen

The crunches didn’t deliver the wanted results? You don’t need to worry anymore after your CoolSculpting treatment. 

  • Arms

Lifting isn’t the fastest way to success, let alone the COOLest. 

  • Chin

Age and genetics are the basis for a rounded chin, if you want to conceal your beautiful face while remaining scar-free, CoolSculpting is what you want! 

  1. Permanent Results

The results for your CoolSculpting journey last a long time as long as you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about a re-bounce given that the fat cells were destroyed for good, those fat cells are gone – forever. 

If you need more cool perks, make sure to give us a call and we’ll gladly help you with all your questions & concerns and book a free consultation for you to tell us more about your body and your goals! Start working over your body goals today! Don’t forget that this month’s efforts will be your body for the future months! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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