If you've been struggling to lose weight through traditional dieting methods, it might be time to visit a med spa to see real results!

Dieting and weight loss are hot topics in the United States, however, many myths, fads, and misconceptions are associated with dieting and weight loss. Many people have found that visiting a med spa helps them achieve their body goals by taking a different route. Here are some mistakes to avoid when dieting and focusing on weight loss.

1. Weight Loss May Not Change Your Body Shape

There are areas of your body that weight loss will not change. According to the Mayo Clinic, 10 to 35% of your caloric intake should come from proteins like lean chicken and fish. However, eating a diet high in protein may take off the pounds, but it will not remove cellulite from your thighs or the backs of your arms. Cellulite (large visible fat cells) that give body parts a dimpled or cottage cheese look is tough, if not impossible, to get rid of through your diet. However, a med spa can get rid of that lumpy look.

2. Focusing on the Numbers of the Scale

Focusing on a number on the scale can lead to disappointment. Sticking to a strict diet can help you shed pounds, but not always. If you’re fighting genetics, getting past your “set point” weight can be difficult. Ultimately, you should evaluate your goals. Is your goal a number, or is your goal how you look and feel about your body? A med spa can help you to reshape your body to feel more confident. Is it really about the number on the scale? It shouldn’t be. You should be focused on how you feel about your body and take steps to improve it.

3. Falling Into Yoyo Dieting Effects

There have been a lot of studies on the yoyo dieting effect and the human body. The yoyo dieting effect is where you lose weight by dieting, put it back on when you stop the diet, then lose weight once again when you diet again. There is evidence that the yoyo effect is far worse for your health than keeping the weight on in the first place. Your health is too important to take risks with fad diets and weight loss. Make lifestyle changes instead and visit a med spa to help get the body shape you want.

Make an appointment with us today to learn more about how a med spa can help you shape your body!

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