No two people have the same type of skin with the same needs. We are here to give you a hand. Here's guide that explains what, when, and how to do each essential step of skincare.

Over the last decade or so, skincare has become a huge trend. Because no two people have the same type of skin with the same needs, you will probably end up doing a lot of research before beginning this new journey of self-care. You’ll read recommendations, ask your friends for some tips and tricks, and check out the whole aisle of products in your local convenience store. Most likely, you’ll find that there is so much diverging information floating around that it’s easy to get confused. We are here to cut through the noise and give you a hand. Keep reading to find the ultimate guide that explains whatwhen, and how to do each essential step of optimal dermal maintenance. 


Most people should be using a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer with SPF every morning. At night, you want to use a cleanser to remove all the sweat and pollution from your skin, and then moisturize with a creamier nighttime lotion (no SPF) before going to bed. 

Our recommended routine:

  • Cleanser (Morning/Night): Face washes & cleansers rid your face of dirt, oil, pollution. Cleansers dissolve away excess oil, makeup, and grime from your face. 
  • Toner (Morning/Night): A lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores. A toner’s job is meant to gently refresh your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. 
  • Moisturizer (Morning/Night): To help treat your skin when it’s dry and prevent it from drying out again. In some cases, you can add a special gel instead of cream to avoid oily skin.
  • Sunscreen (Morning): Using sunscreen daily, even when it is cloudy or raining, decreases your risk of developing skin cancer. It slows the aging of the skin and prevents facial brown spots and skin discolorations!  Believe it or not, the blue light from our computers and phones actually can cause damage to skin.  To protect from both bluelight and UV damage, we want to invite you to try the Total Defense + Repaira collection brought to you by SkinMedica! This revolutionary super screen goes beyond UV protection to defend against harmful infrared rays while supporting the skin’s ability to restore itself with antioxidants.  

Tip: Be mindful of clean sheets and towels! Make sure you have a specific soft towel for your face only and a fresh pillow free of contaminants. 

Want to go a step further?  Add some other creams and serums in there, too—eye cream, antioxidants for daytime, and retinol while you sleep. 

  1. Retinoid(Night) It boosts the amount of collagen your body makes and plumps out skin, cutting down fine lines and wrinkles. Our Retinol Complex has the Retinoid molecule enveloped in penetrating antioxidants so the Retinol gets deeper into the dermis of the skin and does not irritate the skin like other Retinols on the market.
  2. Rejuvenating Hydrator (Morning/Night): Provides immediate smoothing in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and supports the skin’s natural ability to replenish its own hyaluronic acid for overall skin health. Our personal recommendation? HA Rejuvenating Hydrator!
  1. Eye cream (Night): Re-energizes and rejuvenates to help eyes look brighter and more youthful, instantly improves eyes’ appearance, including dark circles, sagging, puffiness, and lines, and works over time to continue reducing the visible signs of aging and fatigue. Our personal recommendation? Instant Bright Eye Cream!
  2. Serum (Morning/Night): Improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, sun damage, and texture with TNS Essential Serum in 30 days! TNS is short for Tissue Nutrient Solutions, which supports skin’s natural rejuvenation process. This serum has a growth factor that helps rebuild a solid foundation and collagen.
  3. Corrective Serum (Night): Effectively reduces the appearance of skin discoloration and dark spots, creating a more even skin tone. Our favorite corrective serum is Lytera 2.0 by SkinMedica.

Interested in a bundle? SkinMedica created a ‘Everyday Essentials System’ package! 


Masks Exfoliation: Humans lose around 500 hundred million skin cells every day, meaning dead skin can build up pretty quickly. Although the number of times you exfoliate each week depends on your skin type, the products you use, and the results you are looking for, the number of recommended exfoliations goes around 1/2 times per week. We encourage you to book an appointment with us to avoid damaging your skin.


Microneedling/Chemical Peel/Microneedling/Chemical Peel/

  1. Microneedling helps rejuvenate skin and treat scars & wrinkles. Microneedling can be safely repeated every 4 to 6 weeks until you achieve the desired results. For collagen induction we recommend to start with 3 treatments, but with a minimum separation time of 4 to 6 weeks between treatments. For scar reduction an average of 3 to 6 treatments are recommended.
  2. Our chemical Peel  removes the outer, damaged layers of the skin. It combines glycolic acid with skin brightening agents to promote a one-of-a-kind smoothness and radiance that few other treatments can match.  We recommend to start with 2 treatments, but with a minimum separation time of 4 to 6 weeks between treatments.

Once your skin is in a good place, you could then go on a maintenance program of one HydraFacial a month.

Other monthly options to get rid of dead skin cells you might want to consider:

  1. Dermaplaning is recommended every 3 to 4 weeks. An aesthetician will help you figure out a schedule. Each time you get dermaplaned, you’re removing about two to three weeks’ worth of dead skin cells.

Every 6 months, consider booking a Venus Versa – TriBella session!

If you’ve noticed age spots, sun damage, or uneven pigmentation/tone, the TriBella facial rejuvenation treatment may be right for you. Administered with the Venus Versa system, the TriBella facial treatment is a three-in-one therapy that combines the following phases:

– Photofacial: this corrects discoloration, fades age spots, reduces sun damage, and improves skin tone.

– Anti-aging: this diminishes fine lines, reduces wrinkles*, and firms up skin.

– Skin resurfacing: this smoothes out the appearance of uneven skin texture, scars, rosacea, enlarged pores, stretch marks, and other skin textural concerns.

If a yearly full-body skin check isn’t a part of your routine, it’s time to make it one. Besides the immediate benefits reflected in the mirror, checking your skin regularly for new or changing spots is how to detect skin cancer as early as possible. 

Depending on your skin status, you might not require the same routine or the same treatments. Make sure to book an appointment with us for a FREE skin assessment and a personalized skin care routine and treatments. 

Come in to rejuvenate yourself!

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