This blog post is all about the power of detoxes and how even just a 7-day detox can do amazing things for your health! We also have information in here about our Spring Detox special!

It’s almost springtime and with the new season and warmer weather comes change and a sense of renewal. Most of us like to use the springtime to refresh + re-energize our lives, whether that’s through spring cleaning, organizing our closets and garages, or deciding to get in better shape for the upcoming beach-going season! 

If you’re looking to kickstart your health, lose a little bit of weight, and feel overall better this spring, you definitely need to try our 7 Day Spring Detox Package!

What’s a Detox + Why Do I Need it? 

A detox is simply any time where you are ridding your body of toxins or cleansing your body. Detoxes can be extremely beneficial when it comes to improving your overall health, feeling better physically, and even improving your mental clarity. Detoxes can help your body achieve many different things including:

  • Flush chemicals out of the liver
  • Rid the body of toxins in fat cells
  • Correct hormone balances
  • Weight loss
  • Reduce + eliminate inflammation

The Evolution Spring Detox!

This month, we’re offering a fantastic special that’s perfect for anyone looking to jumpstart their health and try out a detox! The Evolution 7 Day Detox includes:

  • Our NEW Detox Kit
  • A FREE Cocoon session

For only $299!

The Detox Kit includes a 7-day jumpstart + manual that explains how the detox works, the guidelines to follow during it, the effectiveness of the detox, and information on how your liver works and how the detox benefits your health as well as the “Dirty Dozen” of things that you should avoid. 

The Cocoon Session is a relaxing full body treatment that combines both dry and infrared heat with vibratory massage, aromatherapy, and salt air for a tranquil and transformative experience

The Spring Detox can help you lose 5-10 pounds as well as shedding harmful toxins from your body. It’s one of the best ways to give your body the boost it needs for a new, healthy lifestyle and will reinvigorate and re-energize you, giving you the motivation you need to take charge of your health and create better, healthier habits. 

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