Meet truSculpt iD, a new body contouring technique that uses heat to melt fat cells for good. What’s truly outstanding about truSculpt is that it can be used on the entire body!

Plastic Surgery is so last century! It’s high-risk, and usually high-reward, but there are easier ways to get the body of your dreams than surgery. Why deal with anesthesia, needles, surgical complications, and tons of downtime when you could sculpt your dream body during your lunch breaks? Evolution Body Transformation invites you to meet our body sculpting treatments, which are:

✅ Non-invasive 

✅ Non-surgical

✅ Safe

✅ Certified to cause permanent fat reduction

The greatest thing about body sculpting technologies is that, as with any other science, they are constantly evolving to become safer and more effective. The aesthetic field is always looking for new ways to perfect the process of meeting our clients’ body goals. 

Today, we’re here to announce our newest piece of body sculpting tech. Introducing: truSculpt iD: Personalize Your Body Sculpting, a brand new body contouring technique that uses heat to melt fat cells for good. What’s truly outstanding about truSculpt is that it can be used on the entire body!

Keep scrolling to find out more about truSculpt iD!

How does it work?

truSculpt iD is a non-surgical body contouring procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells. The body-contouring tool gets rid of fat in many common trouble areas, including: the abdomen and flanks, back and bra fat, love handles, inner and outer thighs, arms, and knees. You can treat up to six areas at once!

After truSculpt destroys the fat cells under your skin, your body breaks the fat cells down and eliminates them. truSculpt also tightens your skin to assist in the body-sculpting process.

How can it be customizable? 

Unlike other devices, there is no placement limitation! Plus, it is easy to set up and fast to treat.

What can I expect during body sculpting?

During the procedure, you’ll lie down in a properly-sanitized treatment room. Once the area is prepped, I will place the paddles over the area of concern. The treatment itself feels like a hot stone massage!

How long does the treatment last? 

These treatments usually take just 15 minutes, but depending on the number of areas you’re treating at once, it may take a little longer. 

Is it permanent?

Yes, the fat cells that have been treated with truSculpt are destroyed forever and will not return. However, as with any other procedure, it doesn’t mean that you cannot gain the weight in the area back if you do not continue your fitness routine or keep your weight in check.

Have any further questions? Check out our website, follow our social media, or give us a call! I’d love to help you fully understand truSculpt and make an educated decision toward achieving your body goals

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