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Even though every body has its own unique needs and challenges, our BodySculpting technologies are here to help you. Meet our Body Contouring Plan!

Where are you right now in your body sculpting journey?

Everybody has a story, and everybody has its own unique needs and challenges. Our clients come here with the desire for a better body, however, most don’t know the key differences between body sculpting technologies. Cosmetic services keep evolving, and the amount of online information can become overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for.

Today we offer some tips for your body sculpting (sometimes referred to as body contouring) technologies research. We want to help you Know the Right Body Sculpting Technology For You to make an educated investment.

For starters, you should know body sculpting is not a fast way to lose extra pounds since body sculpting is not a weight loss procedure. Instead, body sculpting is the reduction of size in specific areas where stubborn fat accumulates.

As the name suggests, stubborn fat can be tricky to treat and is often frustrating when it comes to achieving a streamlined silhouette. Non-surgical body sculpting is a fat reduction technology designed to reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat to contour and shape different areas of the body.

First, let’s reduce with CoolSculpting®, the COOLEST way to eliminate fat.

We see plenty of people with healthy habits coming through our door struggling with a muffin top, love handles, back fat, double chin, and many other trouble spots where bulges just won’t go away.

CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat several different areas of the body: visible bulges under the chin and jawline areas, thighs, abdomen, arms, bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks, and upper arms.

CoolSculpting is a highly effective technology that, to this day, has helped over 75 million satisfied clients worldwide. The wide variety of applicators designed to treat each area results in a customized experience for the patient.

We use a variety of handpieces we call applicators, each one sized to a specific area for optimal results. The applicator we use will depend on your body shape and the area you want to treat.

The results of your CoolSculpting journey can last indefinitely as long as you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about a re-bounce given that the fat cells were destroyed for good, those fat cells are gone – forever.

Interested in another way to reduce fat? Try TruSculpt!

TruSculpt iD a new body contouring technique that uses heat to melt fat cells, remove volume, and tighten skin; and can be used on the entire body. The procedure itself takes 15 minutes, during which your professional aesthetician will apply multiple handpieces to treat up to six areas at once.

As well, TruSculpt glide technique offers consistently impressive results – an average of 24% fat reduction, in a short treatment time over a large treatment zone.

What should I do after the treatments to avoid regaining weight?

Once the fat cells die, they do not regenerate. However, a little bit of exercise and healthy eating will help you maintain your gorgeous new silhouette.

Then, it’s time to tone with EmSculpt.

Congratulations! Now that you’ve eliminated the last unwanted fat, your silhouette is now slimmer and your body is contoured just the way you always wanted. Now you might be thinking, “I wish my perfect shape was a little more toned and firm.” We understand, and there are some options for you.

If you are someone trying to get a well-toned and sculpted body, you will obviously be anxious to see results. You can rest assured that aesthetic procedures create visible results in just a couple of weeks.

You may have probably heard about this one directly from Kim Kardashian. EMSculpt is a completely safe procedure to help both women and men sculpt the body by toning the underlying muscles. While most body contouring treatments focus on destroying unwanted fat, EMSculpt takes one step further by targeting building muscle after destroying stubborn fat in the target area. The process works by directing highly focused electromagnetic energy to the area, forcing the muscles to perform intense contractions which cannot be achieved through regular exercise. Known as supramaximal contractions, these movements are the equivalent of doing 1,000 crunches in 30 minutes. In response to these contractions, the muscle reconstructs itself, and fat in the area begins to melt away quickly.

Even though everybody has their own unique needs and challenges, our BodySculpting technologies are here to help you.

Now that you know more about the different Sculpting Technologies available at Evolution, get a complimentary consultation with our experts.

During your consultation, we’ll sit down and talk about your goals and needs.

Let’s start your body journey today!

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