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Want to pamper all the special men in your life? We've rounded up our favorite treatments for guys! Check it out!

Typically here at Evolution Body Transformation, we cater to the ladies as they make up the majority of our clientele. We love our girls so much but we can’t forget, men need pampering too! 

We have a pretty large male client base and we know there are a lot of guys out there who would love a luxurious spa treatment! 

In honor of Father’s Day this month, we’re rounding up some of our most popular treatments for men, just in case you need some gift ideas! 

Neuromodulators, AKA “BroTox” 

We love our smooth and wrinkle-free skin here at Evolution, but neuromodulators are not just for women! 

Many men come to us every few months for their dose of the good stuff too! 

We offer Botox and Jeuveau for all genders! We often refer to it as “BroTox” when used for men! 

Body Sculpting

Body sculpting is an incredibly popular service amongst our male clients. We all start to lose our metabolism as we age and keeping that stubborn fat off with diet and exercise alone is sometimes just not enough! 

CoolSculpting Elite is a great way to freeze those stubborn fat cells and make sure they never come back! We see many male clients as well as female clients for CoolSculpting

Emsculpt Neo is another popular choice with our guys! Emsculpt Neo not only eliminates stubborn body fat but it also tones and strengthens muscle! 

He might be spending hours at the gym every day but just can’t seem to tone how he wants to! Emsculpt Neo can take care of that! Emsculpt Neo helps the muscles contract giving a much better workout than hours at the gym could! 

Infrared Cocoon Pod

There’s nothing like the gift of relaxation but when that relaxation can also be combined with healing benefits, you’ve hit the jackpot! 

Our Infrared Cocoon Pod  treatment is a crowd favorite amongst our male clients because of the benefits it provides! Not only does the cocoon pod feel like a warm, relaxing sauna, it combines infrared light, salt air, and aromatherapy to not only provide a pleasant experience but to also aid in burning calories and healing chronic pain! 

It’s the perfect treatment to receive after a long workout or just a long day! 

Real Men Come to Evolution Body Transformation 

No matter what treatment they’re coming in for, Evolution Body Transformation loves our men! Everyone should be treated to a luxurious treatment every once in a while so, if you’re searching for a gift for a special man in your life, give him a service at Evolution Body Transformation! 

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