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We still believe that we can make a great year out of 2020 as long as we stick to the New Safety Procedures designed to protect you & our team from any risks.

What are the New Safety Procedures?

As you know, our TOP priority is to keep you safe while providing you with the best aesthetic services. What’s happening after COVID-19 outbreak is that we took our existing cleanliness and protection protocols and strengthen them, making sure every nook & cranny of our practice is adequately cleaned & disinfected.

Your visit won’t look exactly as you remember it, but promise, it’ll be better. So, find below everything you need to know to get pumped and ready for your next visit!

Let’s work on Social Distancing: You must have an appointment

To avoid crowds, no walk-ins at this time. Only one client will be allowed in the office at a time. Guest(s) will be required to wait outside of the office. We won’t be able to accommodate children at the moment. Please help us by coming by yourself.

Allow time for your specialists to get everything ready to attend you: Mobile check-in

Once you have parked, please call or text us and we will confirm we are ready for your appointment. Please, do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes of your scheduled appointment. If you arrive earlier than your scheduled appointment, we’ll kindly ask you to wait in your vehicle -A/C on please!- until your scheduled time. We will notify you if we get a cancellation or rescheduling that allows us to accommodate an earlier start time.

A New Normal means a New Kind of Welcome

After you have checked-in through your phone, your beauty aesthetician will be ready to greet you! We kindly ask to arrive with a mask. You’ll get your temperature check and a short survey before entering the office. After this contact point, hand sanitizer will be readily available for you upon entering. This protocol applies to everyone! All this to make sure you feel comfortable and safe at our facilities.

Today More Than Ever, Respect Your Appointment Time & Date

We are limiting the number of people in our office and treatment rooms, and you know time is gold! For you, our other customers & our staff. Given that we will be enforcing our cancellation and rescheduling policy. If you cannot make it, we appreciate you reaching out to reschedule as soon as possible. You may reschedule your appointment by calling us directly.

New Ways to Meet: Virtual Consultations & Follow-ups are Available

To limit exposure, we are keeping open the option of getting a consultation, virtually! We are also encouraging all clients to keep up their follow-up appointments through this method as well. This way, we have less traffic in-office -it’ll never be enough Social Distancing.- If you’d like to book a Virtual Consult, click here.

This protocol is designed thinking about you and our staff’s safety! For more advice, or if you have any further concerns, contact us at (608) 471-6882 during our office hours.  

We are all in this together! If we take care of each other, we are sure to let all about COVID-19 behind!

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