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Dermal fillers, including lip fillers, allow us to defy both gravity and the aging process. Here are a few things you should take into consideration before your appointment.

Cheekbones are all the rage right now, and for good reason — high cheekbones, plump cheeks, and a sharp jawline are the defining feature of the Triangle of Youth. It is a down-pointed triangle, shaped like this ▽, with the base located at the eyes and cheekbones and the point located on the chin.

As we age, we lose subdermal volume in our faces, which can cause our features to sag. This manifests as eye bags, nasolabial wrinkles, jowls, and more. As gravity pulls our features lower, the Triangle of Youth inverts and starts pointing upward like this △. 

Dermal fillers allow us to defy both gravity and the aging process. When we inject filler into certain points of the face, it replaces lost volume and pulls the skin higher and tighter. 

If you’ve never received fillers before, it may be difficult to know where to start when it comes to getting exactly what you want. Here are a few things you should take into consideration before your appointment.

Consider where you would like to add volume. 

Depending on where the filler is injected, it can totally revamp the appearance of your face. 

You might want some Voluma filler added to the cheeks and midface to create the Triangle of Youth. Or perhaps you’re only looking for a solution to a specific problem — we can add filler to the under eyes to treat eye bags, or the temples to give your cheekbones a boost, or the cheeks to tighten folds around the nose and mouth. 

Furthermore, we can also use filler to boost volume in the lips or re-shape your nose. 

Be prepared to alter your expectations. 

You should feel ready to work with us regarding your treatment plan. Our aestheticians want to help you figure out what’s going to look best for your specific facial structure, regardless of what is trendy. 

You should also consider how noticeable you want the augmentation to be. Do you want your friends and family to notice that you’ve “had work done,” or do you want the change to be more subtle? 

Understand that filler isn’t permanent. 

Most types of filler generally last between six and twelve months, but this depends on the speed of your body’s metabolism and the amount of filler used. You can always retouch your face or add more filler later.

Furthermore, if you aren’t in love with your initial results, the filler can be dissolved and re-done!

Don’t stress!

There’s no need to feel anxious about your filler treatment. We numb the treatment area so the procedure is pretty much painless, and if you feel any sensation at all it will likely remind you of a dull pinch. 

Aftercare is minimal also — you can resume your normal activities once it’s over, just be careful to avoid taking aspirin. You may experience some swelling, bruising, or a feeling of tightness, but these sensations go away after a couple of days.

Within a few days, you’ll be able to see your gorgeous final results!

Call to book today, and stay cheeky out there!

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